Pizza Slice

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The Pizza Slice is a great option for customers seeking a unique design. It features four sides to display your company logo and information: two side panels measuring 24.7" x 11.3" each, one back panel measuring 9.7" x 10.5" and one front/top panel measuring 10.8" x 21.3." Great for pizza and food delivery, Student Driver Vehicles, Cleaning / Maid Services, Electrical and Service Contractors, Taxi / Uber / Lyft , Golf Carts, etc. 


The Pizza Slice is available standard with a cord that plugs into the cigarette outlet, or you can upgrade to the Cordless / Rechargeable sign which turns on automatically at dark and lasts 8-10 before needing a recharge.  

Available with our patented Sign Lock security tether which can be closed into one of the vehicle doors to prevent theft of the topper. 

If you choose custom graphics, one of our designers will contact you after your order is placed to assist with your design. 

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