Mountain Mikes - Window Wing

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The Window Wing is the perfect answer to drivers that have a sunroof or non-steel metallic roof. This sign features artwork on both sides. Each panel measures 18.2"  W x 10.75" H. 

To use the Window Wing, first you roll down a window slightly and then attach the clips to the top of the window. Next, roll the window back up. You then attach the locking suction cups to the outside of the window by turning the knobs clockwise. 


  • 1 Bracket Assembly
  • Custom Printed Decals
  • No Speed limit restrictions
  • LED Panel Lighting

GPS Tracking available, but not included.

The standard Window Wing includes a cord that plugs into the cigarette outlet. You can upgrade to the Cordless / Rechargeable sign which turns on automatically at night and lasts 8-10 hours before needing a recharge.  

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