Deluxe Sidewalk Sign

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Our Deluxe Sidewalk Sign is manufactured from durable high-grade plastic that requires no maintenance and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each sign comes with two plastic inserts (each measuring 24"W x 36"H)  You can choose to have each side printed the same or have two different advertisements, one for each side. The choice is yours!
The inserts can be changed quickly and easily with our Quick Change feature. Simply slide the inserts in and out. The patented slot design will keep each insert securely in place - no tape, Velcro, tools or screws are needed. This eliminates fastener damage to the sign. Each sidewalk sign also features locking hinges that keep the sign in place. Sand ballasting can also be used to add up to 10 pounds of extra weight if needed. Each sign features four fill holes, two on each side. Simply remove the plugs from the holes and fill each hole with two and a half pounds of sand for a total of 10 pounds per sign. Play sand is recommended for ease of filling. Here at HTH Inc., we specialize in printing your custom graphics. Simply design your own 24"W x 36"H art on our online designer, or allow one of our professional designers to create a design for you. Insert dimensions: 24"W x 36"H Sign dimensions: 27.125"W x 46.375"H x 3.125"D Sign weight: 25 lbs.  

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