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Mounting Hardware

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Your car sign is working hard for you everyday and braving weather elements like wind and rain. It’s essential to have high quality mounting hardware at all times to ensure that it’s securely mounted to your vehicle at all times. This is why we offer a variety of mounting hardware, so you can be confident that your signs are secure and ready to go.

Depending on what type of car sign you’re going to be mounting on, your car sign will require a specific type of mounting hardware. Some car signs will simply use magnets to attach to the car, but it’s important that those magnets are securely screwed into the sign. Other signs will use suction cups or clips to hold them up. Whatever style of sign you have, we have the mounting hardware you need to safely secure it.

Anything you might need to attach your sign to a vehicle is available here. From extra screws, grommets and straps, to a soda hammock for your scooter box sign. Having your sign securely mounted is necessary for keeping your driver and other drivers safe, as well as protecting your car signs from any damaging falls. You’ll be able to use your car signs safely and effectively for a long time to come, ensuring that it’s a good investment for your business.

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