10-Outlet Power Strip with Mounting Brackets

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Power Strip This power strip comes with 10 outlets spaced evenly along the 48” body and a 15 foot cord. The mounting brackets fit securely over the body of the strip. Using the 4 wall dog screws that are included in the kit you can mount the strip to the wall. The zip ties are included as extra protection for your adapters that will plug into the strip to ensure a lasting connection. Pilot holes are drilled and screws are driven with provided hardware. Includes: 10 - Plug power strip w/ 15ft cord 10 - Zip ties 4 - Walldog screws 2 - Power strip brackets

Commercial grade 10-outlet power strip with a 10' cord. Outlets are spaced to allow "wall wart" power supplies on each outlet and work perfectly for our rechargeable car toppers.

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