Types and Styles of Car Toppers

As a business owner, one of the most important things you need to do is advertise your business. Whether you are a florist, a pizza place, or a personal taxi driver, advertising is key to getting more business. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to master and can get expensive quickly. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t affordable options out there. Car toppers are one of the best ways to advertise your business. You’ve certainly seen them before and some may even come to mind right away. If you’re not sure what a car topper is, think about that sign on top of your pizza delivery driver’s car. You know, the little square box with the pizza logo visibly displayed. If you use a vehicle for your business already or don’t mind bedazzling your own car, a car topper can boost your advertising techniques. They’re relatively affordable and easy enough to mount. Take advantage of the vehicles your business already uses and turn them into ads easily.

What is a Car Topper?

Pretty straightforward, a car topper is a marketing tool that sits on top of your vehicle. They can come in almost any shape and are custom made for your business. Car toppers can display your business’s name and contact information in an easy to see way for those you pass. Most car toppers are lit and attached with magnets. Some brands offer scratch proof magnets so the roof of your car doesn’t get a little scratched.

Types of Car Toppers

There are so many different types of car toppers. Even though they may seem small, it’s easy to fit your brand name and even a phone number without crowding. The most common type is the Quad and resembles a long pyramid. These car toppers attach to the car at four different points (hence the name ‘the Quad’) and are often lit. The Quad comes in both regular and mini sizes to best fit your needs. A similar car topper is the Auto Advertiser. It has three advertising sides whereas the Quad only has two. This type is also backlit and attaches to the top of your vehicle’s roof at four points. The Pizza Slice is a common car topper for pizza companies and may not be suited for other types of businesses. Like the name suggests, it resembles a large slice of pizza and easily shows off your pizza company’s name and phone number. It’s a fun and creative alternative for those in the pizza business. Of course, there is also an option for those who may not want something on top of their car. While still technically called a car topper, the Campus Insider is a light-up sign that hangs in your car window. It typically only displays your business name as it is smaller, but it’s easy to put multiple in a single car to present both the business name and contact information.


As car toppers are such an affordable and easy advertisement option, they’re a great resource for new or small businesses. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes you can choose from and many businesses that can design them for you. Whether you’re looking for an easy and reliable way to improve your advertising or a simple way to get your name out there, car toppers are definitely the way to go.