The Best Signs For Bad Weather This Summer

The summer months can mean temperamental weather in much of the country, meaning sudden showers, lightning and strong winds that materialize fast and furiously. Though this can be an inconvenience for everyone trying to steer clear of a soggy afternoon, bad weather can also be bad for business. Rain can keep customers from coming out, and especially strong storms could even damage businesses with flooding, roof damage or other property damage due to flying debris. But something that business owners often forget about with the summer’s increased bad weather is its potential to damage the signage they spend time and money developing. Of course, being a Florida-based company makes us especially familiar with bad weather and signs, so we have a few tips to help you pick the right sign for summer’s rougher weather.

The Best Signs for Summer’s Bad Weather

  • Car Signs: You may be wondering how a car sign could possibly weather bad weather, but hear us out. As long as the car sign is well-built and uses powerful magnets over less-reliable means, it should stay put on top of your vehicle. And, in the worst of cases, you can simply remove the sign and safely store it inside your vehicle until the storm blows over. Convenience and security combine to make this a sign worth looking into.
  • Mesh Banners: Though banners are notorious for getting squirrely in high winds, mesh banners are made to take gusts and rain without much fuss. Instead of carving large wind slits that may tear or obscure your messaging, mesh banners allows for airflow without sacrificing looks or readability. As long as reliable grommets and fasteners are used to secure the banner, your sign should be just fine in anything but the worst of weather.
  • Window Graphics: Impossible to blow away (since it’s directly applied to your window), window graphics can take a beating from even torrential rain and strong gusts of wind. Many window graphics utilize strong adhesives that make water and wind non-issues. Though your window graphic will not survive if your window is broken in a storm, they are otherwise quite tough.
  • Car Magnets: Much like car signs, car magnets are easily stored for safe keeping if bad weather is on the way. However, in most circumstances, rain and wind will do next to nothing to a well-made magnet sign, as long as it’s securely placed on a vehicle. If air or water can get between the car and the magnet, there is a chance that it could blow away. However, this is highly unlikely except in the most extreme of circumstances or if the magnet is not placed flush on the vehicle.
Not all signs will fare as well in bad weather. For instances, sidewalk signs, unless weighted down, do pose a risk of blowing away. Vinyl signs, unless vented with wind slits, are equally risky when a storm whips up. But wind and rain are not all there is to consider during the summer months. Direct sunlight and sweltering heat can degrade outdoor and indoor signs alike. Ensure that your signs are crafted with UV-resistant ink or risk the premature fading of your signage. Just remember, car signs are secure and easily protected, mesh banners are built to withstand windy weather, window graphics are usually safely stuck down for good and car magnets are often hard to pry off, even by Mother Nature herself. Of course, if you are unsure of which sign might be best for your company’s needs, you should contact our outdoor and indoor sign experts. Today’s technology makes the options nearly unlimited and the durability of our signs virtually unmatched. And one final tip: take it from us Floridians–pack an umbrella, just in case.