How to Find the Best Sign Option for Your Company

With signs being are our specialty, we’ve come to know quite a bit about matching many a company with them. Though our clients often have an idea about which sign will work best for their needs, sometimes they don’t know where to begin. Well, choosing the best sign for your business’ needs is easy if you understand the power of impactful signs, which sign option you have to choose from and considerations to make before deciding.

The Power of Signs

There is much more to signs than just words and images. A sign is often the first impression, sales driver and megaphone to get out an important message for a company.
  • Drive Sales: How many times have you been out and about, only to be stopped dead in your tracks by the sudden urge for a slice of pepperoni thanks to a passing delivery driver from your favorite pizzeria? Regardless of whether your business is in pizza or pet supplies, car signs are one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to make yourselves top-of-mind for potential new and returning customers.
  • Reinforce Branding: One of the hardest elements of creating a new brand is reinforcing branding within the public eye. For instance, the Nike swoosh wasn’t always a universally recognized icon of sneakers and sportswear. No, this image and the Nike brand itself was only cemented after repeatedly putting its imagery and branding front and center not only in ads and commercials, but also on signs in and around stores across the world. Though your brand may have a smaller scope, the same principles apply here: sharing your branding on signs creates greater brand awareness with every pair of eyeballs that see it.
  • Spreads the Word: Have something to say? Don’t feel like hiring the local town crier to spread your brand’s message? We have a solution. Whether sharing word of a hot sale or grand reopening after renovations, never underestimate the power a sign has to spread the word both simply and effectively. Though other marketing tools shouldn’t be ruled out as promotional tools, you may be surprised at just how powerful a well-placed sidewalk sign or well-designed window sign can be at getting information to the public at large.
But what is the best sign? Well, that all depends on your company’s specific needs. Some of the signs that HTH Inc. have found especially powerful marketing tools include:
  • Car Signs: What we’ve built our company on, car signs not only succinctly share your branding with the world, but do so on the go. These signs are often secured atop a car by powerful magnets and lit from within to bring extra attention to them after dark. Though they may not provide much design real estate to work with, a logo and phone number is sometimes all it takes to plant the seed in a potential customer’s head.
  • Mesh Banners: If your message needs a bit more breathing room, a mesh banner may be up to the task. Our own models range from 2’x3’ to 4’x20’ and feature a design that allows the wind to easily pass through them instead of turning your banner into a kite when the weather gets wild.
  • Sidewalk Signs: Drink specials, happy hour deals, soup of the day or a new weekly sale: sidewalk signs are the perfect way to literally stop potential customers in their steps with important info. These signs are also quite flexible, allowing new inserts to be printed and exchanged as needed.
  • Window Signs: Looking for some window dressing? Providing an opportunity for vivid imagery and bold messaging, why not take advantage of often large window space? We specialize in three variations of window graphics, including adhesive vinyl, perforated graphics that don’t obstruct views and contour cut vinyl that can be cut to shape.
Before deciding on which option would be the best sign for your company’s needs, consider what your message is, who you’re trying to attract and whether the signs will work well with your overall marketing efforts. Above all else, ensure that your sign is designed to your brand’s standards. It only takes a sloppy sign or simple misspelling to signal doubt in your shop, store or restaurant. Need help designing your sign? Contact our sign experts today. We have helped clients with all of the above varieties of signs and more, bringing their messaging and brand to the people who they’re trying to reach most.