Get Smart: The Creative Ways to Utilize Car Signs

As experts in car signs, we are often contacted when companies are looking to shake up their marketing efforts a bit. Maybe they’re a new company just dipping its toe into marketing for the first time. Some may be successful companies just trying something new. Either way, it can be hard to find new ways to market your company without being a student of the craft. Over the years, we’ve seen our products being used in a number of inventive ways. Creativity, after all, is oftentimes the differentiator between a sign that struggles to get attention and one that demands it from every eye that passes it by. But one strategy that many businesses, specifically those in the restaurant industry, sometimes forget is to think of their audience and their wants and needs. It’s so very easy to think as a restaurateur instead of a diner, a business owner instead of a customer. But you have to brush aside your own perspective as such and consider your customer’s wants. As the customer, you should know:

Who I am.

Where I am.

What I want.

Knowing these key facts can help you develop a sign and greater overall marketing strategy that can be extremely effective. One of the best strategies to come out of this thought process? Knowing the key times to advertise. As a restaurant, your business may have a hot Sunday brunch, killer Saturday night dinner or lunch menu perfect for professionals on their midday break. Whatever your restaurant does best, consider driving or parking your car with its car sign on the busiest stretches of road just before and during those peak hours. Doing so catches your audience at the moment they want your product most. If you catch them when they’re hungry, they will come. Car signs and other signage can be effective on their own, but matched with an expert strategy and good timing, they can turn heads of customers hungry for what you’re serving.