The Big Benefits of Smaller Sidewalk Signs

When thinking about the right signage option, many business owners immediately assume that bigger is always better. And with good reason–larger signs provide more “real estate” for your messaging and visuals to catch the attention of potential customers. Though solid logic, sometimes the right signage for the job is something a bit more elegant and targeted. Smaller sidewalk signs can be incredibly powerful and efficient methods of getting your business’s message seen.

Why Sidewalk Signs Might Be the Best Choice for Your Business


Smaller = Smarter: The first most somewhat obvious benefit is that sidewalk signs are much easier to move, store and place than giant banners or other options. With many designed with a handle, it couldn’t be easier to place and adjust signs based on foot traffic outside of your building or inside an office. Additionally, if bad weather is rolling in or you’re closing up shop for the night, you can simply bring the sign safely inside to be used another day.

Pricepoint: Compared to many other marketing techniques and signage options, sidewalk signs are relatively affordable, allowing businesses to put funds back into operations instead of advertising. Additionally, these signs can take a licking and keep on ticking thanks to some high-grade plastic perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Stop in Your Tracks: Time-tested and proven to be quite effective, sidewalk signs have the (literal) ability to stop a passerby in his or her tracks. Standing just adjacent to heavy foot traffic, these signs can grab countless eyes and hopefully bring some interested patrons through the door.

Updatability: A big criticism against printed signs is that they’re not updatable enough to keep up with digital. Well, with certain sidewalk signs, updates are as simple as inserting a new sign into the frame. Does your business have a monthly sale? How about an annual holiday special? There are countless opportunities to switch up your sidewalk sign for most any need your business could have.

Sure, there are bigger, more complicated options available but there is something perfectly simple and effective about a sidewalk sign for nearly any business. Bars and pubs? Post your drink specials. Restaurants? Share your catch of the day. Clothing shops? Advertise a blowout sale. The options run the gamut for many businesses’ needs. Though there’s a temptation to go with the biggest, flashiest signage option available, it’s sometimes smarter to go smaller. Regardless of your choice, we’re happy to help you make your sign idea a reality. Even if you’re not sure what the best sign is for your business, HTH Inc. can work you through it with a team of sign and design pros who know a thing or two about getting the most out of signage.