Shine of the Times: Protecting Your Car from UV Paint Damage

When the weather gets warmer, the sleeves come off and shorts come on. That also means many of us dust off our sunglasses and sunscreen to keep our bodies protected from getting cooked all summer long, avoiding dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays. Just as UV rays can be tough on your skin, UV paint damage can make delivery vehicles rougher for the wear. For all of our clients trying to keep their delivery cars looking as good as their food, we’ve compiled a few tips to keep your paint job tip top.

Preventing UV Paint Damage

Though there’s nothing quite like a sunny day, the sun’s powerful UV rays can cause a few issues for your fleet of delivery vehicles and personal car or truck if left in direct sunlight. But what’s the worst that can happen? Flaking, fading and oxidation can cost you thousands if not defended against. To save your car from heat and UV paint damage, you can:
  • Utilize car covers to keep direct sunlight from scorching both the interior and exterior
  • Keep cars parked in covered garages to avoid direct sunlight altogether
  • Wash cars regularly to remove dirt and grime that may, with the sun, lead to major paint damage
  • Wax cars regularly to add another layer of protection to your paint, especially if clearcoat is damaged due to scratches or other damage
When having fun in the sun, don’t forget to watch out for your delivery cars before you wind up looking at a hefty bill for a new paint job or having to deal with a delivery fleet that looks less than professional. By simply parking out of the sunlight, using a car cover and washing and waxing regularly, UV paint damage can be slowed significantly. Even beyond your paint job, rubber linings, plastic pieces, and interiors can all be helped by keeping your fleet out of the heat. If you’re worried about our signs standing up to the sun, don’t fret. Our signs are U/V protected from fading and yellowing, so we’ve got you covered all summer long.