Safety Advice for Delivery Drivers

Delivery is a key asset for many restaurants looking to expand their business beyond guests who decide to dine in. From pizza shops to trendy Indian fusion restaurants, delivery services can be an essential service for getting your food to hungry families all over town. Regardless of your restaurant’s given cuisine style of choice, one thing is for certain: for your delivery services to be a success, you need good delivery drivers. However, being quick and precise on deliveries is not enough--delivery drivers must also be safe.

What Safety Concerns Should My Delivery Driver Have?

  • Driving: Though it may seem obvious to everyday drivers, the pressures of delivering orders on time can drive many delivery people to drive recklessly. Though it may save you five minutes on a late order, realize that ignoring speed limits, blowing through stop signs and running red lights are never worth it. Accidents, speeding tickets and potential injuries are far more costly than a grumpy customer. Never encourage delivery drivers to break the law to get an order delivered.
  • Making the Delivery: Allow drivers to feel that they can cancel an order if they feel threatened. If working at night, request that drivers park in well-lit areas and never behind alleyways or other secluded places. Ensure that deliveries are made by requesting a text message upon successful delivery of every order, as well as enforcing frequent money drop offs at the business. Your drivers should not be afraid to call the police if they feel unsafe.
  • Car Maintenance: It’s a delivery driver’s responsibility (unless given a delivery vehicle to use by the restaurant) to ensure that their vehicle is safe to operate. Frequent maintenance checks can save everyone from big headaches down the road. Tire pressure, oil levels, brake pads, windshield wipers and other essentials must be kept tip-top.
Safety of employees should always come before delivery of the product. Make sure your delivery drivers are not driving recklessly, making deliveries safely and keep their car well-maintained. With drivers keeping these safety standards in mind, you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about your orders and team members.