Working Together: Signage and Internet Marketing

As the world of internet marketing continues to grow, some businesses may wonder if signage is still an effective way to drive consumer traffic. Because the results of marketing with traditional signage can be difficult to track, some businesses prefer to neglect the benefits of using signage and simply rely on internet marketing. However, by harnessing the power of Google Analytics and understanding how to place your signage both on the business property and throughout your local community, your company can make a splash using a combination of traditional and contemporary marketing tactics.

Understanding Sign Placement

The first key to successfully tracking leads is understanding that sign placement is key. As we already know, each type of sign should be placed in a high traffic and useful locations; entryways, over cash registers, or on company vehicles are all great high traffic places to advertise your brand and product information. Businesses with an existing sign strategy should consider reassessing the location of existing signs and the effect they have on passing traffic. Is the sign placed in an awkward position that makes it difficult to read the information? Do your hanging vinyls have a font that is too small to read from long distances? Identifying these small issues in your current sign campaign will give you the perfect foundation to start complimenting your signs with online marketing efforts, including Google Analytics.

Incorporating Google Analytics

One of the key issues companies have when using signage is tracking their success by means of associated sales. Because Google Analytics easily tracks the location of webpage visitors, companies can verify their site traffic is coming from cities where their signage is stationed. Using Google Analytics to track the success of signage campaigns makes understanding the return on investment and implementing minor changes to your marketing strategy simple. Take a look below for a brief description on how to start merging your signage and internet marketing campaigns to create a powerful business tool.

Locate Existing Signs

As we mentioned earlier, understanding your current campaign to the fullest is the first step to incorporating an online compliment. Start your efforts by logging the exact location of each sign your company uses. Do you have a company vehicle that drives upstate for deliveries daily? Do you use window vinyl on your corporate office? Keep a notebook or spreadsheet that highlights which cities your vehicle signage drives through and where your stationary signs are located to use as a reference throughout the rest of the process.

Current ROI

For businesses that do not have a Google Analytics account, finding even a general number on the response rate your signs are generating will be difficult without some legwork; you may have to request customers disclose where they found your business name when closing their invoice. However, businesses that do have an existing Analytics account can begin comparing their conversion rate with the location of their signage. Now, you have a rough idea of how your marketing efforts are working.

Start Tracking

Now that you have a starting number for the success of your current sign campaign, you can begin adjusting the number of signs used, adding different types of car top signs or window vinyl, or changing the color scheme on existing signs. As your company grows and marketing campaigns change, you will be able to see how much web traffic is reaped as a result of your sign campaigns.