Window Graphics: Drawing In Holiday Shoppers

Window graphics are an excellent marketing tool for year-round advertising. Their ability to instantly grab the attention of both foot and vehicle traffic has made them a favorite advertising method for all types of businesses, including everything from sit-in restaurants to retail shops. Furthermore, window graphics are surprisingly affordable in comparison to other large-scale advertising methods, and allow companies to take advantage of already-utilized space. These unique aspects minimize the amount of space and budget being allocated to marketing efforts, making window graphics even more effective for small businesses on a budget. In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of holiday-specific window graphics, and how you can incorporate the winter season into your marketing scheme for an increase in sales.

The Benefits of Seasonal Window Graphics
While winter weather may be a turn-off for some holiday shoppers, many individuals still leave their homes and brave the cold to find the best gifts for their loved ones. As such, taking advantage of the foot and vehicle traffic already passing by your store’s location is essential. Customizing your window graphics to include holiday-specific colors, graphic designs, and deals creates brand awareness among holiday shoppers, and can subsequently drive revenue. Furthermore, customers that shop at your location for the holiday season have an increased likelihood of become return shoppers and sharing your holiday sales with other shoppers.

Customizing Window Graphics for Winter
Because window graphics are extremely economical, it is inherently inexpensive to swap-out your business’s existing window graphics for holiday-specific graphics. As we mentioned earlier, businesses that capitalize on the seasonal holiday shopping are able to increase monthly revenue and increase their chances of attracting new clientele. But what steps should be taken to transition from standard window graphics into holiday specific ones? Let’s take a look at the tips below.

Know your Inventory: First, consider what kind of holiday sales your store will be advertising exclusively during winter season. Consider which inventory items will be discounted, the percentage of the discount, and how long the sale will run for. If there will be no seasonal sales, be sure to take note of that as well. There are a number of generic and unique phrases that can be coupled with these deals (and incorporated into your window graphic) to advertise these specials.
Incorporate Company Culture: Does your business have a logo that can be slightly adjusted to suit a wintery theme? Are there any seasonal images (such as snowflakes or door wreaths) that could be incorporated into your graphic to add seasonal cheer?

Adding holiday-specific images into window decals is a fast and effective way of communicating to passerby that your business is taking part in holiday sales.

Use Seasonal Colors: Just as incorporating holiday-specific images increases the likelihood of enticing seasonal shoppers, using “wintery” colors in your storefront window graphic is an excellent way to effortlessly grab attention. Try using light blues, cherry reds, tree green, and white as core colors for your holiday window graphic.

Overall, customizing your window graphics to celebrate the upcoming winter can increase holiday sales, and has the potential to entice return shoppers and brand awareness. Since designing winter window graphics is straightforward and extremely cost effective, businesses can expect a quick and easy transition from their standard window graphics.