Will LED Be the Future of Illuminated Advertisements?

It’s easy to get caught up in the intensity of every day life and forget to take a few moments to reflect on the future of our industry. Today, let’s take just a few minutes and look at the future of advertising. Although laser diode technology is becoming the preferred lighting style for futuristic lighting developments, we’re willing to bet that the future of illuminated advertisements lies in LED. LED (or light emitting diodes) are small light bulbs that can create a unique, professional, and visually appealing illuminated sign for your business. LED lighting gives businesses the opportunity to stand out from the crowd of other new businesses and radiate professionalism to your potential customers.

LED is the Future of Illuminated Signage

LED powered signs are energy efficient because the bulbs us 90% less power than other lighting options on the marketplace. If you have your sign on for only eight hours a day it will be approximately seventeen years before you have to even think about changing a bulb. They’re also made from non-toxic materials unlike neon or florescent lights which contain toxic gases that create their illumination. They’re also 100% recyclable when it is time to dispose of them, while other bulbs are not. These bulbs are also made to last, they’re able to stand up under all kinds of weather conditions. They can handle the extreme temperatures or hot and cold as well as stand up to the shock and vibrations one might face during severe storms. They also produce little heat; these can be on all day long without the worry that they’ll produce burns or start a fire. They also have zero UV emissions making them the perfect lighting choice for museums and art galleries. You also don’t have to worry about the sign “warming up” to its full brightness. These turn on right away without the wait you have of other lighting sources. One of the biggest advantages to getting and LED sign for your business is that you can use it to creatively show off your special promotions or alert customers to upcoming events that you’ll be participating or supporting. They can be programmed to display bright colorful images and announcements. Due to the wide range of color options that these bulbs can create when programmed to do so you’ll be able to create an ever changing signage campaign to keep up with what’s working and what’s not working for you. While these signs are an initial investment—as all signage is, the maintenance you’ll find for the upkeep of this new signage is going to be much more minimal than other illuminated signs that you might be looking into. Down on Freemont Street in Las Vegas, they have a huge canopy covering several blocks. That canopy is covered with LED bulbs, and several times every night it turns on and a video show begins to play accompanied by music. I’m not saying you need to put on a light show every night, but LED’s are going to allow you to creatively display your products and services. The limits of which are really only that of your imagination. Good luck!