Why is Signage Important for your Business?

Advertising your business correctly is critical to executing a successful marketing scheme, but with so many avenues for advertising campaigns, it’s important to understand why each advertising component is being used and how it affects your revenue. Today, let’s take a look at what factual data supports the importance of physical signage. The Effects of Signage on Customers As one of the most visible types of local advertising, a single sign can draw hundreds (if not thousands) of impressions per day, depending on the area it is placed. In fact, studies conducted by a small business marketing agency called the FedEx Office suggests that 8 out of 10 customers have entered a store they’d never shopped in simply because of the signage displayed on the storefront. In the same survey, 68% of customers stated that the quality of a company’s signage is a direct reflection of their product and service quality. Does Lacking Signage Affect Sales? Businesses who are on a budget may choose to allocate their working capital to other forms of advertising, bypassing a signage investment all together. While business budgeting is always commendable, choosing to pass on custom signage can actually hinder your sales. According to studies, 60% of shoppers have admitted that they wouldn’t enter a store if it didn’t have signs. With these numbers before us, it is easy to see how critical signage can be to driving not only sales, but also brand awareness and credibility. Quality Matters Just in the way lacking signage can affect your business sales, displaying inaccurate signs with spelling errors or poor printing quality can affect customer opinions and hurt your overall sales. According to studies, 50% of consumers state that poor quality signs will stop them from entering a business. As such, it is critical that all signage is professionally printed (not hand-written), checked for spelling errors, and previewed before finalization. Keep in mind that your signage should be large enough for passing foot and vehicle traffic to see from at least fifty feet away. Choosing the Right Signage As we’ve explained, having branded signage for your retail store, restaurant, or service business is incredibly important for promoting a positive brand image and acquiring new customers. But what kind of signage is right for your company? Unfortunately, the correct answer will depend on what kind of business you operate, where you are located, and how you interact with new clients. For retail businesses and restaurants in areas prone to foot and vehicle traffic, using sidewalk signs, hanging banners, and window graphics are proven to be effective; mobile businesses such as taxi companies and pizza shops, however, may benefit most from turning to vehicle advertising such as car top signs and car magnets. Investing in branded signage is the first step to increasing the visibility and perceived value of your company. Whether you represent a large corporation or a struggling start up, developing branded, accurate signage could be the difference between steady sales and incremental growth. If you need help determining what type of sign is best for your product or service-based business, don’t hesitate to contact our team for suggestions.