Why is Custom Signage Important?

Any office supply store has a section dedicated to homemade signs, so why is custom signage so important?

Although they can be used for business advertising purposes, they are often generic and boring. Because these signs are not intended for long term use, they will not effectively impress customers. Instead of wasting funds on a short term business sign, investing in long-lasting custom signage can make a world of difference. Bring in New Customers. Nearly half (46%) of new customers will enter a business because of an on-premises sign. Having a sign in front of your store creates constant awareness of what you sell and where your business is located. Passerby simply cannot ignore a sidewalk sign that is in their path; remember- even if they do not come in today, they will keep your store in mind in the future. Multiple case studies have been done over the last few decades that indicate signage can create exponential growth and revenue for businesses that utilize them. Improve your Brand Image With custom signage, you can create a brand that will be remembered. Customers will associate a slogan or logo with your product, and adding it to a custom sign that’s easily visible will strengthen that association. Branding your product is crucial to creating repeat customers. Larger chain stores have an advantage in this area (like Wal-Mart or Target), but local businesses can also create a unique brand that will create what is called “top of the mind” awareness. Drive Impulse Purchases Arguably the most important aspect of custom signage is creating impulse purchase revenue. This revenue stream comes from unplanned purchases from both local and travelling shoppers. A well-made sign can create more business and raise awareness of your products if it is professionally designed and hung in a high traffic area. The University of California at Berkeley conducted a study which analyzed 30,000 purchases of 4,200 customers in 14 cities. During the study, it found that 68% of purchases were unplanned during major shopping trips, while 54% of purchases on small shopping trips were also unplanned. Affordability In addition to being easy to install and effective at driving traffic, signs are a cost effective alternative to television or radio advertising. Because of the low overhead costs, they often pay for themselves in a couple of months and reach an almost unlimited audience. Next to word of mouth advertising, signs are one of the leading reasons customers come into a business. A full-set of vinyl banners or sidewalk signs can be purchased for under $1000, making it a perfect advertising option for both startups and established businesses. For existing companies, adding more signs or changing an old sign out for a newer one is a great way to spark revenue for a relatively low investment cost. Custom signs will help increase your client base, allow for unique market placement and product awareness, and increase impulse sales. If you’re ready to start lowering your advertising costs, contact us today.