What Sign Fonts are the Easiest to Read?

Congratulations! By realizing your business is in need of an affordable advertising sign, you’ve indirectly decided to start growing your company’s revenue. Aside from picking the best sign type for your company, it’s important to decide what type of font will look best on your new signage. Designing a new sign can be overwhelming, but by following the advice ni this blog you can avoid some of the biggest print advertising mistakes made by small businesses.

Decide your Font

The first thing to decide is whether your sign’s content will be displayed in a Serif Font or a Sans-Serif Font? But what’s the difference? Serif Fonts A serif font is the type of font normally found in printed material - books, newspapers, and magazines. Sans-Serif Fonts A sans-serif font is most prevalent in digital content like blog posts, web pages, and product descriptions. The font you pick for your signage will be part of your brand’s identity. When picking a font for your company’s signs, it’s important to consider the company culture your in-house team values. Are you a quiet, formal office with a serious atmosphere, or does your team enjoy playing office pranks on one another in between projects? Once you've decided between a serif or sans-serif font, you can now dive into the fun world of different fonts. Each font has its own personality and charm - it's that unique character that will attract your customers to your business. Sign fonts send a message about who your company is and the level of professionalism you maintain. Some fonts are classic and comforting, while others we associate with other parts of our lives like a summer vacation, a favorite movie or book. Just look at how iconic Coca-Cola’s font has become over the years; today, the wavy writing on Coke bottles says just as much about the company as the brand name itself. Here are five great fonts to get you started on the journey to picking the right one for your signage. 1. Garamond A lot of people consider it to be the best font since it has a timeless quality that is understated and elegant. 2. Times New Roman If you’ve ever written a paper for school this is most likely the font you used. It’s easy to read and recognize all the characters and has a clean appearance. 3. Helvetica A clean and bold sans-serif font that is a favorite for logos and signage due to its clear readability. Now for the flipside: fonts can be great, but they can also be… well… not so great. Here are a few you should probably just avoid. 4. Wingdings Wingdings is a wonderful font if you want your sign to look like something written by aliens from outer space. Its use of symbols instead of characters will make text is unreadable and useless – avoid it! 5. Comic Sans MS Is a font originally created to mimic the lettering in comic books, the internet has gathered together to declare it childish and unprofessional. If you need more information about different font types, you can find all kinds of font syles at from 1001Fonts and similar sites. At the end of the day, you need to find the right font for fits your business’s brand and personality. Good luck!