What Kind of Advertising Should You Use for Your Business?

  You’ve got a major decision to make for your business. Right now, you’re trying to decide whether traditional advertising signs or television ads will be best for your cash-strapped growing business. While you try to pick the best advertising medium for your brand and business goals, a few questions you might ask include: • What are long term goals are you trying to reach? • Is brand presence more important in a specific geological location? • Are you looking to inform consumers of a new product or service? By answering these questions first, you’ll have a better chance of picking the right advertising medium for your company’s future. But now that you’ve answered these questions, let’s proceed to the comparison between signage and TV ads. Signs offer a variety of ways to achieve your marketing goals and get your message across to consumers for an affordable price. Billboards have been used for decades. You see them just about everywhere – in the city, on the two lane interstate, and against the back rest at the bus-stop. They come in a variety of sizes starting with the size you’ll find on benches all the way up to the large ones dominating our highways. But billboards are extremely expensive and are often dismissed – after all, these days it’s more likely to see someone staring at their cell phone while driving than reading a billboard! Window graphics are wonderful for small businesses whose customers regularly use their store front. Window graphics are made of a specially treated vinyl film and can also be placed on the windows of your vehicle for mobile advertising if needed. Affordable and easy to install, window graphics are one of the most popular low-cost advertising tools. Banners come in both mesh and vinyl varieties, and can be used to capture attention from passing foot and vehicle traffic year-round. An affordable method of advertising, banners usually cost no more than $200 and last for years without maintenance. Television ads are a tried and true method to help tailor your message to your target demographic. You’ll get a captive audience of a wide range of potential new customers while you get to demonstrate with sight and sound your product or service rather than a stagnant image or logo. However, before you go and drop $342,000 (yes, you read that right) on a television ad, you should take into consideration that their effectiveness is only a third of what they were back in 1990. Today, people watch television much differently than ever before, and younger consumers are opting for alternate ways to watch programing (such as waiting until a show is available to binge on Netflix), while others simple mute the commercials when watching live television. For a cash-strapped business, it’s obvious that investing in signage, banners, and window graphics is a much better use of company resources compared to running a TV advertisement. If you have any questions about designing the best sign for your brand, contact our team for help.