What are the Benefits of Advertising on Cars?

Car advertisements, such as car top signs and vinyl decals for vehicles, offer an extremely high marketing advantage when compared to other types of advertising mediums. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has even estimated that a successful car sign has the potential to target up to 70,000 individuals per day; a huge number of impressions when compared to other forms of traditional marketing. Whether your business consists of a single person driving a personal commuter vehicle or a fleet of dedicated service vans, the potential ROI of a well-executed vehicle campaign should not be ignored.

A Single Investment: Unless you plan to change your vehicle’s vinyl decal or car top sign on a regular basis, car advertising is a relatively inexpensive way to promote your company to the community. Unlike internet marketing or television ads, placing a car sign or vinyl decal on your vehicle is usually a one-time investment. The costs associated with startup are limited to production fees production fees, as many business owners choose to install their marketing equipment themselves.

Hundreds of Daily Impressions: While the number of expected impressions dramatically increases for businesses with multiple vehicles, even a single company vehicle equipped with car signage can make a splash in a local market. The average American drives roughly thirty-six miles per day; during this time, they’re being bombarded with marketing campaigns from competing companies. Taking advantage of your company vehicles for advertising isn’t only a marketing investment; it’s also a great way to stay competitive in your industry.

Quality Impressions: We all know that quantity is nothing unless it is backed with quality, and the same concept applies to advertising. According to marketing research, 86% of television commercials, 44% of “junk mail,” and 91% of promotional e-mails are skipped or thrown away. Because vehicle signage campaigns are non-evasive, drivers who view vinyl decals or car top signs are more likely to be receptive to the idea. Furthermore, the more often each individual views your brand on the road, the more likely they are to remember your service in the future.

Building Credibility: Vehicles have been implemented into our society as a cultural norm. For businesses, cars are not only a commuting or advertising tool; they are also a way to communicate success and competitiveness in your industry. Companies that have the financial means to install car signs, along with the drive and interest to actually reinvest into their company, are seen as credible and trustworthy in the eyes of the public. By advertising your logo and business name on vehicles, you are no longer simply advertising, but also showing the public the credibility and integrity of your business plan.

Return on Investment: Because advertising on your vehicles has such a high impression rate, the number of leads and sales you reap from vehicle advertising will more than cover the cost of investment. Additionally, the cost of purchasing and installing your vehicle signage can be written off during tax season. Although the entire cost of the vehicle (such as gas costs, maintenance fees, etc.) cannot be “written off,” the fact that the cost of investing in these marketing avenues can be returned both in the form of tax write offs and as customer sales makes investing in car advertising an excellent way to increase revenue.

Overall, the benefits of car advertising are many. Because car sign campaigns only require a single production investment, have a high ROI potential, and help to build brand credibility, they have the potential to dramatically increase a company’s reputation and bottom line.