Vertical VS Horizontal Banners; What’s the Difference?

The last time you struck out to the mall, it’s likely you were bombarded with banners in all sizes, and advertising all different kinds of products. Often, the first step advertising professionals have to make when picking out their advertising banner design is determining whether it will be a horizontally or vertically hung. Although each layout offers its own pros and cons, both banners, (both mesh and vinyl) are equally effective in their own right. Let’s explore the benefits and downfalls of each layout, and discuss where each design could be placed for optimum visibility.
Vertical Banners
Although less common than horizontal banners, vertically hung banners offer a whole creative marketing opportunity of their own. They are a perfect way to fill narrow, otherwise unusable wall space, and can be hung from high-set ceilings where horizontal banners could go unseen. Marketing specialists who want to create a “cascading” text style in their banner could do so more effectively with vertical banners, and their layout may be more suited to elongated brand logos or pictures. If your business is considering new ways to place their vertical hanging banners, consider locations like between wall racks, behind the check-out, and window displays. Lastly, don’t forget outdoor uses such as between light posts, along walls and fences, and outdoor thresholds.
Horizontal Banners
Horizontal banners can often be seen across superstore aisles, strung throughout retail locations, and hung in outdoor restaurant patios. Arguably the more common banner format, horizontal advertising banners are perfect for large, impressionable text. They are best when placed in large spaces of wall, stretching across far-spaced aisles, and through large entrances to different areas of a store. The creative options this layout offers is extensive, and can support graphics, logos, and bulk text if needed, and may offer the best layout for combining high-quality images and a full string of words.
As we can see now, the benefits of vertical and horizontal advertising banners are very similar, with some small variances that allow businesses to customize the look and layout of their retail advertising campaign. Both horizontal and vertical banners display text and graphics vibrantly well when their content is formatted accordingly, and can be hung in a variety of places between the pair. HTH Inc. offers a number of banners in both mesh and vinyl material, each of which includes metal-lined grommets to make hanging a simple process. To accomplish a visually powerful banner display, try using a combination of vertical and horizontal vinyl banners in your store or restaurant; not only will this mixture of layouts capture attention, it will bring much needed variety into your in-store advertising campaign.