Vehicle vs. In-Store Advertising

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, businesses across the U.S. have begun to tine in on the latest advertising methods for their industry. This heightened awareness of advertising tactics brings us to the age old question of what kind of advertising tools and methods are most effective for driving sales. In order to determine what type of advertising material will best compliment the services or products offered by your business, it is critical to consider the benefits and disadvantages of both in-store and vehicle advertising. With that said, this week’s blog post will be about the respective benefits of vehicle and in store advertising, and which of the two is suited for different business plans.
In-Store Advertising
Physical signage has been prominent in the advertising industry since its conception. The carious advancement in graphic design, printing presses, and raw banner material has given businesses endless opportunities to design custom signage for inside or outside their storefront. Some of the more obvious benefits of in-store advertising is the fact that once a customer has entered a store, the signage displayed there is catering to already interested individuals. This simple fact means that in-store advertising has the ability to give shoppers that extra push they need to feel secure and excited about making a purchase. Furthermore, in store advertising is vastly easier to customize in regards to graphics, text formatting, advertisement size, and physical location. Because of these features, in-store advertisements are most effective for retail businesses and wholesale warehouses to use as their primary method of advertising.
Vehicle Advertising
Although vehicle advertising is newer to the market than its print based counterpart, its popularity among marketing and advertising professionals is extremely pronounced. Today, vehicle wraps, car top signs, vehicle window decals, are all types of commonly used vehicle advertising methods. One of the most pronounced features of vehicle advertising is the fact that it can be simply placed onto a company vehicle and allowed to work its magic without any additional maintenance or upkeep. Because vehicle advertising is entirely mobile, it allows businesses to reach a vast number of people in a very limited amount of time. Finally, businesses that are service based either with or without a physical address would benefit most from using vehicle advertising.
Overall, the benefits of using in store and vehicle advertising methods are equal in their own respect. For service based businesses and companies that spend excess amounts of time driving to various client locations, investing in vehicle advertising is likely the best option. On the other hand, retail stores and wholesale warehouses that rely on their customers to come to them would do best by investing their marketing budget into in-store signage. When possible, using a combination of in store and vehicle advertising is most effective, because it draws in customers from your local region and entices customers who are already in your store simultaneously.