Using Signs for Long-Term Business Growth

You’re a local business with goals for long-term business growth.

You also want the members of your community to know that you are here, available, ready and willing to provide your product or services to them. Signage is the best way to do that; it’s very likely it will be your most long-term marketing tool with the lowest overhead.  

Signage can make a long-term impact

Signage alerts your potential customers about your business’s presence in the community. For brick-and-mortar companies, signs help direct foot and vehicle traffic to your physical location; for digital companies or marketing agencies, signs can also inform local residents of upcoming events your business sponsors. Signage can improve your company’s brand reputation both now, and in the future. Because they usually last a minimum of 3-4 years depending on the model, you can invest a small amount for years of advertising value. When long-term business growth is your priority, it only makes sense to find ways to improve growth without increasing advertising costs.

Signs for events

If your town has a festival, consider becoming a sponsor. In doing so, you can secure a booth during the event, where you can pass out information about your products and services. Banners are perfect for trade shows and local events because they are easy to set up, extremely affordable, and they can be reused time and time again.

Signs for long – term product marketing

Signage will also alert your customers about any special deals you have going on. By using signs to market ideas, products, or services ahead of their release date, you can begin to create awareness in your local community without spending large sums of money for TV and radio ads. Example: A local high school is being supported by a small business. Instead of sponsoring the team and brushing the contribution under the rug, that local business creates a sign and place it at the team’s field to display their presence in the local community. Over the years, parents and teachers come to realize that this business is a stable piece of the local economy and begins to shop there and refer friends in need of similar products and services. Use signage to not only advertise your business, but to support the community. It will spread goodwill throughout the town, and show that you support the local events.

Connect to Digital Content

We also cannot forget the importance of connecting your physical signage to your digital content. You can add your Facebook, Twitter, and website information to your sign, or even add a QR Code that customers can scan to bring them right to your preferred site. Here’s a story to show the importance of updating signage to improve long-term business:  a gentleman opened up a new car dealership in the same location several others had opened and failed. One of the first things he did upon opening his new business was put up a new sign, which the previous businesses had failed to do. Within six months the sign had paid for itself, and he saw an increase in sales and profits. Now, ask yourself this; do you want to be like his predecessors, who failed due to the lack of understanding the importance of a long term investment? Of course not! You want to be the successful business owner. And as any successful entrepreneur will tell you, investing in business tools is the first step to growing a successful company. Begin growing your business’s local presence by investing in a low-cost sign to place right outside your place of business, and track your sales to see how big on an impact it makes.