Using Signage to Advertise a Job Opening

Can you Use Signage to Advertise a Job Opening? As an employer, finding reliable employees can be a challenge. With so many other businesses competing for the loyalty of the general workforce, advertising jobs is something many employers struggle with. Thankfully, signage is a great (not to mention low cost) way to advertise a job opening in any city around the U.S. Today, we’ll show you a few different sign advertising techniques that will promote your employment opportunity for years, for a total investment of less than $200. What’s Wrong with Generic “Now Hiring” Signs? There are a lot of businesses who use small “now hiring” signs to advertise a new position within their company. Although these signs are affordable and don’t require any design or planning, it’s an easy solution when employee turnover is causing waves in the operational flow of a company. However, these signs are so generic, in fact, that they can actually turn away creative job seekers looking for unique positions. On the other hand, choosing to hang a custom sign shows company pride and encourages unique applicants to inquire about the position. With that said, let’s take a look at two signs that can be used to advertise a new job opening outdoors. Hanging Banners: If you have access to two feet of outdoor space, you have enough room to hang a vinyl or mesh banner. Banners are great for catching the attention of people who are walking on the opposite end of the street or passing your building in a car. If you live in a windy or weather-prone environment, we suggest using the mesh banner for your outdoor advertising. A-Frame Sidewalk Signs: Because they sit right outside your business’s front door, A-frame sidewalk signs are a great way to advertise a job opportunity. If your staff is generally too busy to accept applications, simply place a small paper tray beneath the advertisement to collect resumes. Then, you can sort through the applications later and call back the most qualified applicants. Sync your Opportunity with your Website Does your company have an official business website? If so, you can make your employment process even easier by using physical signage to encourage applicants to submit their resume online. If needed, you can use your website to elaborate on the job opening you have, including things like pay and job duties. Recycle Used Signage As we mentioned earlier, the signs we listed above can be used over again many times. Many business owners recognize the fact that over the years, their employee turnover in certain positions will require them to offer positions every year or so. By recycling your “for hire” signage, you can save money on employee turnover in the long run. If you’re tired of struggling to attract qualified employees, it’s probably time to change the hiring resources you’re using to broadcast your job opening. Creating a custom “for hire” sign can increase the number of interesting, motivated applicants you receive. If you’ve used banners or sidewalk signs to advertise a job opening, let us know about your success in the comments below.