Using Signage for Different Phases of the Marketing Funnel

Using Signage to Advertise to Customers What is A Marketing Funnel? Signage can be used for almost every aspect of your marketing campaign. Today, marketing specialists use what a “marketing funnel” to determine which target demographic is most qualified to become a customer. But these strategic plans also allow businesses to understand where the need for their product or service begins; then, they’re able to start growing brand awareness in audiences who aren’t actively searching for that type of solution. Today, we’ll take a look at how you can use signage to reach customers in all levels of your marketing funnel. Top of the Funnel Customers who are actively searching for a product like yours, but aren’t necessarily committed to making a purchase are considered to be at the top of the funnel. Use your signage to target shoppers in this category by advertising a solution to a particular problem. For example, a landscaping supply store might place a sign near their pesticide display stating “Weeds eating your lawn? Stop them in their tracks easily with this.” By identifying a common problem among your customers, then offering a solution, you can advertise to shoppers without using high-pressure sales tactics. For this stage, large vinyl or mesh banners are a great choice. Middle of the Funnel In the middle of the funnel, buyers are considering making a purchase from your brand; that’s why persuasive but educational signage tends to work best for these types of shoppers. If you plan to create signage that focuses on middle of the funnel prospects, consider using A-frame sidewalk signs to explain why the product or service is important, and what the inclusions are. Bottom of the Funnel At the bottom of the funnel, customers tend to be more educated about your brand, and (unfortunately) your competitors. Marketing to bottom-of-the-funnel customers is important for driving conversions, and costs less than acquiring shoppers who are still at the top of the funnel. Consider offering these customers car door magnets to place on their refrigerator, so they can call you if needed. Finally, spend time talking with shoppers who are seriously considering your product so you can address their concerns and turn them into happy customers. Where Should You Start? If you’re not sure what piece of the funnel to incorporate into your company signs, start by talking with your team to determine what type of customers you generally acquire. Then, you can determine which parts of your marketing funnel are active, and which need more attention. For new businesses, we recommend working on signage that focuses on the top of the funnel. If you are an established business, it’s likely you’ll have to work on giving customers more detail about your products or services while giving support to customers who are ready to buy. Thankfully, while you (or your team) attend to customers, your affordable new signs will be continuously driving new traffic. Use this sign design resource to help you get started.