Using Sidewalk Signs for Weddings

It’s time to plan for that big day, and there is so much to do! Planning, decorating, and picking a venue… it can all get expensive and time consuming over a short amount of time. Thankfully, one thing that can make your special day less stressful is a beautiful, affordable, and easy to set up decorative sign – a sidewalk sign, to be exact. Let’s take a look at how this simple piece of décor can add beauty and utility to your celebration. Easily Customized Signs for Weddings What is the best part about sidewalk signs? We think it’s the fact that they are completely customizable while still being entirely inexpensive. You can easily add text, graphics, ribbons, and other decorative features to match your wedding’s color scheme. Pair the sidewalk sign with vinyl banners for an even more extravagant visual effect. If you’re interested in getting really crafty, a sidewalk sign can also double as a great photography prop. Highly Informative Signs can also be very informative, and have the ability to eliminate most confusion about seating arrangements or venue location before the party even begins. You don’t have to employ someone (or ask a family member or friend) to direct guests to the venue or reception hall- a simple sign can work to guide guests, explain seating, and more. Durability Unlike hand-made cardboard signs, sidewalk signs are intended for outdoor use. They are durable and can be anchored down for long events, even when wind may be an issue. On the other hand, their handwritten counterparts can easily be blown away or damaged. Ideas for your Ceremony Now that you know why sidewalk signs are great for any wedding ceremony, here are a few ways to make your sidewalk sign a memorable part of your big day. 1. Keep with the theme of your wedding, and keep the colors bright. Chalk is a wonderful medium to use for sidewalk signs. The wide array of colors and styles are great for vibrant color schemes. 2. Using sidewalk signs for weddings can also be an easy way to consolidate your guest book into a one-page keepsake. Have guests sign in permanent marker so that it can be kept for years to come. 3. Use the signs for directions and information. “Parking” or “Reception Hall” signs are important, and they are more likely to withstand weather and be seen by guests looking for the venue. 4. Use them for props when photographing the wedding party (especially the bride and groom). Chalkboard or dry erase board signs can be rewritten and used for many things. A picture with a special caption (the date, a favorite quote, etc.) can be a great piece of decor. 5. Use them for the wedding invitations! To go along with the sign theme, take a picture of the writing and use it as the wedding invitation. This will help tie everything together and give your wedding a unique and personal touch. A sidewalk sign can make a big difference in your ability to enjoy a stress free wedding day. Celebrating your big day in a calm atmosphere is what’s most important. If you have any questions about custom sidewalk signs for your wedding, contact us today.