Using Illuminated Signage for your Business

You already know that you need signage for your store front to let your customers know where to find you and what your business is. You also know that signage (located both inside and outside your store) are key for informing your customers about your products, specials, and promotions. Using signage as a primary advertising technique is going to increase your profit, which of course leads to a high quality of life for you and your employees. Now that you know the benefits of using basic signage, let’s take this a step further and talk about illuminated signage.

Why Illuminated Signage?

The most notable benefit of illuminated signs is the fact that they are visible all day, every day of the week no matter what. They of course show the public your potential, and communicate to existing customers that you are serious about providing them with superior service and products. Illuminated signs have been growing in popularity over the last decade not only with external street signs guiding you to the store, but also the signs used in your shop can be illuminated creating an eye-catching display which can be used to promote a special item, or special event that you’ve got going on. They can also help to create a professional appearance that your competitors without an illuminated sign will be lacking. You want to stand out against the competition, so take a moment to imagine this:   You’ve just moved to town, you’re hungry, driving around, trying to find some place that looks open and inviting. You’re going down the street and there are two pizza shops. One has an illuminated sign glowing in the darkness, the other while yes it has a sign it isn’t illuminated and you can’t see it. Which one would you pick? The one with the illuminated sign acting as a beacon will call to them while the other will be lost in the darkness. It’s not just outside that an illuminated sign is going to help grow your business and your reputation. Inside you shop if you have illuminated signs it’s going to leave the customers with a statement that you’re not just throwing this together, that you do care about what you’re doing. Now we’ve all had to stop in a gas station to either pay for our fuel or pick up that last-minute carton of milk you need before going home. This is impulse buy heaven since 49% of customers have said they impulse buy at the gas station. Which signs are catching your eye, the standard flat ones or the illuminated ones? Again, it’s the illuminated ones calling to you, suggesting you try the new energy drink or pick up a dozen doughnuts for the next morning. Right now, you’re wondering if it’s worth the investment, \ think about this: for every thousands of views your sign get it costs you about two cents. In comparison, a newspaper ad of 300 lines is going to cost you about $2.83 for every thousand views. Where are you going to get the bigger bang for your buck? A sign of course! Some of the most useful illuminated signage is the type used for mobile advertising. Car top signs combine sign mobility and illumination to offer a truly effective advertising investment for businesses just like yours. If you have any questions about how you can use illuminated car top signs for your business, contact us today.