Using 2016 Fall Colors for your Signs

A change in season often calls for a change in style.

This fall, warm and earthy colors are on the list for the hottest colors of the season, with vibrant colors like red as accents. If you’re planning any type of marketing or advertising campaign this year, knowing which colors are trending is the first step to an eye-catching design.

2016 Fall Colors to Use in your Advertising Campaign:


This is a classic color with a lot to offer, and it has been shown to give the impression of power and strength. It brings a POP to signage, and can draw the eye to your business. Red is reminiscent of autumn, from the beautiful sunsets to the changing leaves. It will compliment other colors on this list and allow for a diverse color scheme. Studies have also shown that red in restaurants influence diners to eat more, hence the red themes in many food marketing logos. If you’re in the food industry, this is a great time to take advantage of the color red’s effect on psychology.

Earthy browns-

A classic and expected part of the Fall color scheme, earthy brown tones are used to accent stronger colors like red, orange, and pink. This tone is the unsung hero of autumn - although it’s rarely the star of a sign, it can bring designs and written content together beautifully.

Burnt Orange-

Nothing says “fall” like a pumpkin, but bright orange can be too abrasive if it’s used excessively. Adding a toasted hue to the color gives it a more muted tone that allows other colors to shine as well.

Light Grey-

This color is great for backgrounds, and a neutral color can tie any design together completely. Though it is technically neutral, this grey is not dark or distracting at all, allowing it to work with any other hue on the color palette.

Icy Blue-

Icy blue makes a great accent for signage, and can be used to bring attention to key points of the ad, like the featured product or call to action. This light shade gives us the reminder that winter will soon be here, and could be used to your advantage if your business sells winter clothing.

Dusty Rose-

While it is technically a pastel, dusty rose is a refreshing color to use in lieu of brown or grey. As one of the softest shades in our list of 2016 fall colors, it breaks from the expected color scheme and brings a whole new sense of upbeat happiness for those who come into your store.

Yellow –

A vibrant color that brings energy to any design, yellow can add a splash of cheerfulness to your signage. The changing leaves of fall make it significant to the season, and the color itself is associated with energy and happiness in most cultures. By using it strategically instead of excessively, you can draw attention to your sign in a subtle but classy manner.

Medium Blue-

A darker hue than the icy blue we mentioned before, this shade of marine adds some stability to the palette. Between navy and light blue, this medium hue elicits consistency and confidence. Because it can be used almost year-round, it’s great for stores that would prefer to keep one sign to use all year. If you intend to replace your company’s signage this season, consider using one (or all) of the 2016 fall colors we mentioned above. Play with different color combinations in your designs to better match your company’s logo; when the time comes to hang it, don’t forget to prioritize the location of your new advertisement to ensure your hard work is actually seen by shoppers. If you have any questions about the best design for your new signage, contact our team today.