Two Advertising Tools for Boosting Winter Sales

As the end of 2015 rapidly approaches, the U.S. states most prone to winter storms have already begun preparing their homes and businesses for the dropping temperatures that will bring snow, ice, and sleet. Although the Christmas holidays are famous for bringing large volumes of end-of-the-year sales, winter’s chill can cause a massive reduction in business for companies that are unable to advertise effectively. In this blog post, we’ll look at two winter advertising methods that are both cost effective and easy to implement.

Car Top Signs
For businesses that rely on delivery drivers and on-call serviceman to promote their company’s name and services, car top signs are an effective advertising method. Car signs allow companies to advertise their brand while on the go, and are proven to be one of the most effective mobile advertising methods for both small and large businesses alike. In fact, the number of impressions car signs receive during business hours is comparable to that of road-side advertisements, such as billboards. Because car signs can be illuminated with light accessories, seeing your company’s brand is easy even in the heaviest of snow storms.

Mesh Banners
While some business, such as pizza shops, rely heavy on en-route advertising, companies such as retail stores and warehouses are often limited to on-site advertising. In winter months, finding effective ways to advertise through the latest snow storm can be difficult in more ways than one. The wind and snow unique to the winter months makes it difficult to continue the use of standard vinyl banners, which tend to fold and wrinkle in severe weather as a result of their continuously solid design. Thankfully, mesh banners offer an effective and equivalent alternative to vinyl banners. Because they are composed of a highly breathable material, mesh banners allow airflow through the banner, and subsequently are able to withstand stormy conditions. Because they are able to withstand stormy winter conditions and are equally visible as traditional vinyl banners, mesh banners are an excellent advertising option for companies that need to broadcast their presence from their area of business.

Overall, adverting during winter months is extremely doable with a bit of seasonal planning. Businesses that plan to market themselves while making deliveries or house calls would benefit from using car top signs as their primary winter advertising method. On the other hand, companies that need to advertise at their place of business should consider mesh banners, which are able to withstand the stormy months of winter better than other stationary advertising options. Although these advertising methods are uniquely effective during winter months, their versatility and economical pricing makes them easily adjusted to accommodate year round marketing efforts.