Three LED Light Kits for Car Toppers

Do you know what kind of benefits LED light kits offer to businesses? Historically, incandescent bulbs have been the preferred bulb type for residential and commercial applications. Now, however, advancements in technology has allowed us to utilize LED lighting, which is a brighter, more cost efficient lighting option than incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, LED lights require less maintenance and are designed to last about fifty times longer than the standard incandescent. In today’s blog, we will discuss compatibility between the car top signs and LED light kits offered by HTH Inc.

AA Slice
The AA Slice is an LED light kit compatible with the Pizza Slice and Auto Advertiser car sign. The kit has bright LED diodes that can be seen even during daylight hours, and contains a light sensor that will automatically turn itself on when it becomes dark outside. The AA Slice light kit runs on a LiFePO4 battery pack, which will provide you with over eight hours of bright light per charge; to recharge your battery, simply plug it into the AC/DC adapter that comes included in the kit. Despite its compact size, this rechargeable LED light system is very bright, and you will have no problem lighting up the entire sign. The AA Slice light kit is an affordable ninety-eight dollars, and can be viewed here if needed.

Mini Quad
Similar to the AA Slice discussed above, the Mini Quad light kit uses a NiMH battery that can last eight hours or more per charge; the AC/DC charging adapter is included with purchase, allowing you to begin using the light kit right out of the box. The light sensor implemented into the kit’s design allows your new light kit to illuminate automatically once dark, and turn of during daylight hours. The rechargeable LED light system uses bright LED technology that evenly illuminates every inch of the sign, providing fantastic visibility. This light kit fits any Mini Quad car sign, and is priced at an affordable ninety-eight dollars; if you’re interested in learning more about the Mini Quad light kit, click here.

The Quad
The Quad LED light kit features a new rechargeable LED light system that is bright enough to light up the whole car top sign, even during daylight hours. There is also a light sensor built-into the kit that automatically illuminates when it grows dark outside. The Quad light kit works with any Quad, Molded Arch, or Papa John’s Logo Quad, as well as the Pizza Hut logo car top signs made after 2003. This car sign light kit uses NiMH batteries with LiFePO4 battery packs, giving you double the charging capacity of its NiCad counterparts; furthermore, the NiMH battery is also better for the environment, as it contains no heavy metals. Each charge will get you more than eight hours of use, and can be recharged using the AC/DC adapter included in the kit. For more information about this light kit, click here!

If your business is ready for a car top sign light kit that requires less maintenance and is inherently brighter, then an LED light kit is right for you.