Three Effective Advertising Mediums for Small Businesses

Small business growth is often stunted by a limited marketing budget; as such, it’s important for businesses to ensure each dollar spent on advertising is used as effectively as possible. Contrary to popular belief, cutting the cost of advertising materials doesn’t mean you also have to compromise the quality of your marketing tools. In today’s post, we will discuss the benefits of using car top signs, vinyl banners, and sidewalk signs for small business advertising.

Car Top Signs
According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, a car-based advertisement can reach up to 70,000 people a day. For a relatively small investment, your business can turn a company vehicle into a mobile billboard with very little labor involved. Car top signs typically cost between $130 to $150, which is infinitely less expensive than renting out a road-side billboard. Another benefit of car top signs is the fact that they are easy to install and remove. Most have soft magnet pads at the bottom of the sign, which prevent your vehicle from getting scratches; furthermore, the fact that they are protected against U/V rays prevents the sign’s decal from yellowing or fading due to over exposure, which further minimizes the amount of maintenance required to keep them looking amazing.

Vinyl Banners
Vinyl banners are another great way to attract customers to your brand and services. Because vinyl is so lightweight and flexible, these banners can easily be transported from one location to another for out-of-office events and trade shows. Thanks to their durable material, vinyl banners can be used outdoors without being damaged by wind, rain, or snow. Depending the size, most vinyl banners can be purchased for anything between $30 and $130.

Sidewalk Signs
For businesses that need signage that can be hung and stood interchangeably, investing in sidewalk signs may also be an effective way to draw traffic to your business. Available in a variety of different models and sizes, a high quality sidewalk sign generally costs between $130 and $160 dollars. Because they are able to be hung on a wall or set to stand in a walkway, sidewalk signs can be placed almost anywhere. Sidewalk signs with chalk or whiteboard faces are excellent tools to inform customers of any upcoming sales, specials, or promotions; for stores who prefer a less aggressive approach to advertising, using your sidewalk sign to display a welcoming message can be just as effective.

Each of the three advertising mediums we discussed are beneficial to small businesses not only because they are affordable, but also because they are easy to install and maintain. Because they are so easy to integrate into existing marketing campaigns, it is unlikely your company will ever have to rent advertising space like billboards or bus stop signs again. Whether your company would benefit from mobile signage like a car top sign, or stationary signage like vinyl banners and sidewalk signs, it is indisputable that owning your own affordable and well-designed marketing material will save your business money for many years to come.