Three Awesome Marketing Tactics for Taxi Companies

Turning your vehicle into an advertising medium lets you transform any traffic jam into a promotional opportunity. Because your taxi service is already paying for a vehicle and gas, using the space on your vehicle to market your business saves time and money. Mobile advertising can reach more consumers while keeping your cost-per thousand impressions (CPM) lower than any other form of outdoor advertising. In fact, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, more than 95% of Americans are targeted by vehicle advertising. It has also been estimated that just one vehicle wrap can generate roughly 30,000 - 70,000 impressions daily. With such staggering statistics, it is obvious why so many taxi companies benefit from vehicle-based marketing techniques. Today, let’s break down a few of the most popular vehicle marketing tactics, and discuss how they can be used to suit your needs.

Vehicle Wraps
Although they can be a tad costly to design and install, vehicle wraps are a great way to advertise your brand and services. If you are not familiar with what a vehicle wrap is, they are essentially a billboard on wheels. With a well-designed vehicle wrap, taxi companies are able to reap the benefits of a billboard without the elevated costs of purchasing a traditional road-side banner. By using a vehicle wrap (or any other type of mobile advertising method), you are attracting eyes to the car serving your clients, rather than a stationary billboard. Unfortunately, vehicle wraps can be time consuming to remove, and often require special tools such as an adhesive scraper and residue remover.

Car Top Signs
Car top signs are an extremely cost effective way to advertise your mobile business. Car top signs are similar to vehicle wraps in the sense that they also serve as a moving billboard, despite being smaller in size. Some of their additional benefits, however, include the fact that a car top sign can be installed and removed much faster than a car wrap can, saving business owners both time and money on installation and removal costs. Although car toppers do not fill empty space on a vehicle in the way car wraps do, the fact that they can light up makes them infinitely more effective for day and night advertising.

Car Door Magnets
Car door magnets are the least expensive advertising tool we will discuss today. Although car magnets are infinitely more cost efficient than vehicle wraps or car toppers, they are not nearly as large as the other two options we’ve covered. Regardless, car door magnets are extremely easy to remove, and require no tools at all to install. The fact that they are simple magnets allows them to be swapped from one vehicle to another, which is a huge benefit for companies who use employee rather than company vehicles. Depending on your company’s advertising approach, multiple car door magnets can be placed on your vehicle to maximize advertising potential. In fact, businesses could consider passing small car magnets out to their clients as keepsakes.

No matter which type of vehicle advertising method your business decides to work with, be sure to include your company logo, contact information, and any other relevant information in your design to ensure those who view your sign can easily request your service. Once your signage is purchased and installed, reaching a very large audience at an affordable price is as easy as driving your company vehicle!