Three Awesome Advertising Mediums for Small Local Businesses

As a local business, competing with large corporations for your share of the regional market can require a mass amount of time and effort, not to mention funding. Because many major marketing campaigns require a long-term commitment and initial down payment, determining where, how, and how long to run a campaign can be extremely intimidating for locally-owned businesses looking for a balance between developing a successful marketing campaign and budget adherence. Take a look at our list of the most effective and economical types of advertising techniques suited for small businesses targeting a local market.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Even with a plethora of marketing options for businesses to choose from, providing honest, quality service to customers is the most tried and true advertising technique available to businesses. It goes without saying that word of mouth advertising has been a prominent marketing tactic since the concept of marketing itself was invented. The trust people have in one another’s opinions helps to establish positive rapport for in the businesses they recommend, and requires no funding to initiate. For these reasons, word of mouth advertising is the most cost effective and efficient advertising strategy possible.

Storefront Signage

Are you a local restaurant with lower pricing but better food than your nearby competitors? Perhaps you represent a small retail store, and are finding that customers have trouble navigating the interior of your store in order to find the products they need. A cost-effective marketing medium, signage is an excellent way to advertise deals and special products both inside and outside your storefront. Setting yourself apart from competitors is imperative for finding and maintaining customers, which is why so many small businesses depend on sidewalk signs, vinyl decals, and banners to advertise the things that make them stand out from their competitors. On the other hand, guiding your customers through your store (perhaps using hanging chalkboard signs, mesh banners suspended from the ceiling, or interior window decals) adds surprising value to your customer service while boosting sales. This occurs simply because when customers are able to locate the sections of your store that hosts the products they need (such as clearance section, new items, and most popular items) they are subsequently more likely to purchase.

Get Listed Online

The world of online advertising is diverse and (for many local business owners) extremely confusing. Some well-established local businesses are cemented into their community’s heart due to years of honorable service, and as such are able to avoid developing an impressive web-presence. Start-ups and small business operations (otherwise known as SBO’s), on the other hand, need a way to project their message to their target demographic quickly, while adhering to their budget. Because the internet and Google have become immense tools for consumers to locate services, small businesses have in turn flocked to the internet as one of their primary methods of advertising. If you are a local or small business with a need for advertising online or building a website, consider contracting a third party digital agency to begin increasing your standing with major search engines.