The Best Way to Change a Car Top Sign Decal

While vehicle top signs can last a number of years, the decal stickers each sign is equipped with can fade over time due to a number of factors such as weather and normal wear and tear. When the time comes to replace your car sign decal, use this simple blog post as a reference.

Prepare your Materials
When changing car sign decals starting out with the right tools for project is the first step to success. The only things you will need for a decal swap will be an empty spray bottle, liquid hand or dish soap, and a squeegee. If you do not have a squeegee, a spare credit card will work just as effectively.

Make a Soapy Water Solution
Our decals use aggressive low-tac adhesive. The stay on extremely well, and won’t leave persistent gunk remaining after the old decal has been removed, however you will need to mix a solution of soap and water. This can be done by filling the spray bottle half way with water, then adding a few drops of hand or dish soap. Depending on the type of soap you choose to use, more or less liquid soap may be necessary. To mix the solution, place the lid on your spray bottle and shake well.

Remove the Old Decal
Removing the old decal from your car sign will be as easy as peeling off a normal sticker. Starting from any corner, begin to peel the decal away from the sign’s plastic. Once the entire decal has been removed, dispose of it correctly.

Clean the Sign’s Face
The face of the sign is considered the area you will place your vehicle’s decal sticker. Using the soapy water solution you’ve just made, clean the face of the sign until no linger residue is remaining. This will help ensure the new decal you install stays completely flat on the sign’s surface.

Prepare the New Decal
Now, it is time to prepare your new decal for installation. The first step will be removing the decal sticker from its protective paper backing. Peel the decal away from the protective paper just as you would a sticker. Once the decal has been completely removed from its backing, turn the adhesive side of the decal towards you. With your spray bottle, lightly spritz the adhesive side of the decal; this will allow you to maneuver the decal while placing it onto the car sign plastic.

Placing the Decal
Now that the decal has been prepared, it’s time to place it onto your car sign. To install your new decal, start by placing the sticker onto the sign’s face plate and moving it around until it becomes centered on the sign. Once centered, use your squeegee (or credit card) to smooth out any wrinkles and push the soapy water out from under the decal. This will also remove air bubbles and excess water that may have seeped beneath the decal’s surface. Once you’ve removed all air bubbles and excess water, allow the sign to dry for approximately thirty minutes to an hour.

If you have any issues with this procedure, or simply need a visual reference to help you during the process, take a look at this great reference PDF.