The Best Black Friday Sale Signs

On average, 87 million people venture to malls, outdoor shopping centers, and retail warehouses to shop on Black Friday. Perhaps expectantly, the total national sales during Black Friday weekend in the year 2014 was roughly 50 billion dollars, with the average shopper spending an average of $380 for their pre-holiday shopping. It goes without saying that Black Friday is an important day for retail businesses across the country, and advertising your brand and products for passing vehicle and walker traffic is important for Black Friday success. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best Black Friday sale signs to help your retail business entice shoppers for the big weekend shopping rush.

Sidewalk Signs
Black Friday is bound to produce an enormous influx in the amount of foot-bound holiday traffic. Retail stores located within indoor shopping malls, strip malls, or down-town areas should consider advertising with sidewalk signs. HTH Inc.’s sidewalk signs are available in both chalk-board and printed sticker varieties, and can easily be placed outside your storefront and taken down as needed thanks to their folding design. Because sidewalk signs can be used to advertise holiday clearance sales, special hours, and merchandise, and are affordable for even the most financially limited start-ups, they are an excellent Black Friday advertising method.

Vinyl and Mesh Banners
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, vinyl and mesh banners are an effective way of advertising a sale. Both mesh and vinyl banners can be hung from metal-clad rivets, making their installation in any part of your store extremely simple. Because mesh banners are made with a light-weight, breathable material, they are preferred for outdoor use in wintery climates. Use both of these advertising methods outside your storefront to attract passing shoppers with eye catching promises of clearance sales, new products, or popular items. On the interior, they can be used to direct shoppers to clearance racks, registers, and guest services.

Window Graphics
Window graphics are a powerful way to advertise for Black Friday. They are easily seen from long distances, and can be customized to include pictures of your products; because they come in large sizes, it is easy to compliment your holiday graphics with content that broadcasts pricing, special store hours, and more. HTH Inc.’s window graphics are affordable and easy to install, and are the perfect quick-fix to last minute Black Friday advertising efforts.

Internet Marketing

The best Black Friday marketing campaigns are supported by internet marketing; as such, using social media and paid online ads to support your signage is an excellent idea. By combining your storefront signage with internet marketing campaigns, you are able to reach not only local, passing clients, but also customers located outside your city or state. Consider offering exclusive coupons for your in-store Black Friday sale that can only be obtained by signing up for your online mailing list, or by downloading your store app.