The Benefits of Using the HTH Inc. Car Sign Decal Builder

Deciding to invest in car top signs for your business.

is a rewarding decision. Now that you’ve considered the benefits of using car signs in your advertising campaign, it’s time to think about what design or logo you will use to brand your car sign. While established businesses may already have an existing logo and tagline, start up businesses interested in using car signs right away may need some additional help during the decal design process. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of using the car sign decal builder located on the HTH Inc. site.

A Cost Effective Option
Start-ups that are still lifting themselves off the ground are unlikely to have the chance to pay hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to have a company logo professionally designed. The HTH Inc. decal builder allows businesses both large and small to develop unique stickers for each of their car signs without having to spend hundreds on a graphic designer first.

Total Flexibility
While some businesses prefer to use one decal design for the entirety of their advertising campaign, other companies may see the benefit in rearranging their car sign decal every so often as they adjust to market changes. The decal builder allows both start-up companies and established businesses alike to adjust their brand logo and image in the face of new company specials or internal changes. For businesses interested in experimenting with new decal designs, using the decal designer on our site is highly recommended.

Get a Visual
Using a pre-designed company logo for your car sign decal is beneficial because it lends uniformity to a marketing campaign, and can build brand rapport. However, uploading these professionally designed graphics directly onto your car top sign can make it difficult to visualize how the coloring, layout, and sizing will transfer. Arguably the most beneficial part of using the HTH Inc. car sign decal builder is the fact that you’re able to see the colors, font, and layout of your decal before it is manufactured and shipped.

The benefits of using the HTH Inc. decal builder are many. For start-up businesses and companies operating on a limited marketing budget, the ability to by-pass professional graphic design and utilize DIY tools instead is extremely valuable. Established businesses also have the added benefit of trying new color schemes, font styles, and layouts for their brand logo. In general, however, the ability to customize your car sign decal means that taking advantage of company-specific events, holidays, and other out-of-the-ordinary events is quick and to-the-point.