Signage Timing & Placement in 2016

Some of the most important things on any piece of signage are the graphics and logos. Because they are the most visual thing on a sign, logos and images should be high quality, easy to interpret, and relevant to your brand. Font size, font type, and color combination, should also be carefully analyzed as you continue to develop your final sign decal or banner. If your business is ready to launch a marketing campaign centered or complimented by signage, HTH Inc. offers an extensive range of templates and stencils to choose from, as well as a custom decal builder. One of the biggest success factors advertisers overlook, however, is timing and placement of their signage. In this article, we will take a look at developing trends for 2016, as well as techniques to ensure that your signage is as accessible to your audience as possible.
Your Signage
Now that the new year has begun, it is time re-examine your business’ marketing strategy, and reconsider your company’s entire approach to reaching customers. One of the first things to tackle after you’ve created your amazing signage is how to time your exposure effectively. You don’t want to advertise too far in advance, so by the time that special sale/deal rolls around, it falls by the wayside in the mind of your customer. However, advertising too close to the release date could also hurt sales because connect with your signage won’t have the proper amount of time to connect with your message
Here are some tips to make sure that your signage exposure is timed just right:
• Stay up-to-date on current events, and create/release your signage with those in mind. • Stay up-to-date on the sales of your competitors, and time your signage release to compete accordingly. • Develop graphics that revolve specifically around what it is your selling, while equally promoting the business as a whole.
Placing Your Signage
One of the beautiful things about car signs and car door magnets, is that placement is essentially universal. Your image is essentially mobilized, with 24/7 exposure offered to potential clientele. This is a tried-and-true advertising technique that works in metropolitan areas, and even in smaller towns. In fact, small-town business owners should consider mobilized advertising even more than businesses founded in a large town. There is less overall traffic to your business, and therefore less direct exposure. By mobilizing your advertising campaigns, the work put in to reach potential clientele is done for you. However, what about when they finally get to your place of business? This is exactly where sidewalk signs and window graphics come into play. Remember: your job is not to sell to the customer, but to create an atmosphere for them to buy. Nobody likes to be sold a product or service, however everybody enjoys the experience of buying something they are confident in. That is exactly where sidewalk signs and window graphics come into play. Your customer’s entire purchasing experience is part of your brand. What your customer sees around town about you, and what they see when they finally get to you, can make (or break) their decision to work with you. Start the new year off right with an updated graphic d