Signage: The Ultimate Recourse for Building Your Brand

Signs are everywhere; directing traffic, designating exits, and building the prominence of brands. The permanence of a sign, graphic, or banner can be a huge advantage to businesses even in the most rural of areas. Having any kind of signage displayed on your businesses building or at a nearby location not only increases business awareness, but also builds a memorable brand. For more information about what branding is and why it’s important, keep reading!
What Is Branding?
A “brand” is commonly defined as the combination of a business’s name, logo, and slogan, and is usually one of the first things established by a business. Used essentially for marketing and identification purposes, brands are a quick and easy way to communicate business values to buyers in a single glimpse. Successful brands such as Apple have built their brand image so well, most people today are able to distinguish their products easily simply by glimpsing their logo, the bitten apple.
Why is Branding Important?
As one of the founding aspects to every marketing campaign, a well -established and professionally designed brand is an essential advertising component pertinent to the success of a business. Through the use of a company logo and slogan, branding allows businesses to communicate their core values, services, and energy to the public with little recurring effort. Furthermore, a well-integrated brand increases the credibility of your business, and subsequently entices buyers. Imagine buying a computer with no logo, brand name, or slogan on the packaging! It would be difficult to even tell who made it, let alone distinguish their other products from the crowd. In full, branding is an essential component to any business’ marketing strategy, and can be the determining factor for increasing revenue.
What Does Signage Have to Do With It?
We mentioned above that displaying your company logo either on your building or on a banner nearby is a great way to empower your brand. To understand why, we have to take a look at the way people view and understand the information presented before them. Most individuals are visual learners, and come to associate meanings with images to help them comprehend their surroundings. The same way drivers use landmarks to determine how far they are from a destination, consumers rely on visible, interesting brands to determine whether or not they want the product.
Placing your logo, slogan, and business name onto any kind of sign or banner immediately increases the number of people who are exposed to your brand. Car signs allow businesses to advertise not only their brand across greater distances, but also boasts the fact that the company is established enough to offer service that comes to you. On the other hand, window graphics or signs installed onto a business’s facility increases the visibility of your brand as potential clients walk by, increasing their likelihood to make a purchase.
A well-established brand is an essential component of your business, and signage is the most low-maintenance, economical way to promote it. Don’t miss out on any more revenue; start branding with one of HTH Inc.'s affordable options today!