Signage Ideas for Service-Based Businesses

As a service-based company, it’s likely that most of your customer traffic is a result of word-of-mouth advertising, or possibly internet marketing. If your walk-in traffic is limited, but feel you may benefit from incorporating low-budget signage into your marketing campaign, take a look at our sign suggestions for service based businesses.

Car top signs are one of the best ways for small to medium businesses to promote their brand throughout their community. Because they are easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle, simple to maintain, and can be illuminated at night, many service based companies enjoy adding these low-budget signs into their marketing campaigns.

Vinyl Decals
Vinyl isn’t only great for store windows and large banners, it can also be an effective vehicle decal. Like car signs, vinyl can be easily designed to promote your businesses contact information, brand logo, or list of services. Consider designing your banner with sharp contrasting colors, such as yellow over black, for the best visual appeal. Although hiring a professional to install your vehicle’s vinyl decal is highly recommended, it is possible to install the graphic onto company vehicles yourself.

Window Graphics
When many people hear the words window graphics, their mind usually jumps to the vinyl decals commonly seen on vehicles. Contrary to popular belief, however, using graphics on windows doesn’t have to be limited simply to vehicle use. Placing window decals on the inside or outside of your service warehouse or main office can not only build business credibility, but also to increase the appeal of your office space. Because many service businesses struggle with finding walk-in traffic, the more appealing you can make your shop, the better.


Regardless of how you decide to incorporate signage into your marketing campaign, be sure to keep in mind the following key tips:

Contact Information
When designing a sign, be sure to include pertinent contact information, such as phone number or e-mail address, to ensure your potential client will be able to actually contract you. For signs with limited space, simply adding your website URL is also effective.

Relevant Graphics
If your sign’s background will be anything other than a solid color, be sure the graphics you decide to use are relevant to your industry. Because most individuals that see your sign will likely do so while driving, making your advertisement as easy to understand as possible is a must. This not only increases the chances of your message being understood, but also suggests that your business is also simple and easy to work with.

Industry Appropriate Colors
Are you a pizza shop considering lime green for your sign's background? Unless your business is environmentally or health oriented, rethinking the color of your sign may be a wise choice. According to a number of marketing studies, the colors used for marketing and branding have a large say in the way your business is interpreted by customers. In fact, it has been suggested that almost 90% of snap judgments about a business are influenced by the brand’s color scheme.