Signage for Halloween Business Promotion


Halloween is coming, and you need a way to promote your business during the holiday.

  Where do you start?


Orange and black are (of course) the classic color combination for the Halloween season, and they’re a combo you can’t really go wrong with. These shades will immediately scream “Halloween is here!” to your customers, implying a sense of urgency. White and red are a combination that invokes the ideas of ghosts and vampires, but are not as recognizable or festive as the classic combination. Use these for “detail colors” rather than the brands main color scheme. Purple and green have gained popularity in the last few years, and both compliment the classic combination of black and orange well. They invoke the image of monsters and goblins, while giving an alternative to the classic combination while also still providing the festive tone.


There are a multitude of fonts you can find for Halloween. Pick a font that is easy to read and fits the tone of your promotion, but don’t be afraid to pick a font that’s a little out of the ordinary to contribute to the seasonal theme.

Here are a few fonts you might consider from

Friday 13 This is a bold font reminiscent of the classic horror films from the 1980s. It has a hint of nostalgia, while being easily readable. Wicked Queen This font has a sinister tone with its small caps and pointed serifs, visually it reminds me of the font one might find outside the house of a witch, warning visitors to beware of what they might encounter. Beta Dance A rounded font with capital and lower case letters, this one is brings you back to the old Halloween specials and decorations - the lettering mimics the old creepy trees a character would run through. Living by Numbers This font is both playful and eerie with its jagged characters, that look as though they could’ve been carved by hand into a wooden sign. A Charming Font This font leans a bit more to the decorative side, but it has the feel of the type of typeface one would find on the cover of a book of spells sitting by a witches cauldron.

Spooky Holiday Wording

Okay, you’ve figured out what colors you want to use, you’ve fallen in love with a font that is just the perfect blend of readability and spooky, now you’ve got to decide what the sign is actually going to say.

Find spooky phrases or words that can work for your promotion.

Spooky phrases add to the seasonal theme of your signage. Plus, they’re just fun to throw in! Here are some ideas:  
  • Spooky good deal.
  • A ghoulish time.
  • Join us if you dare for a Halloween scare!
  • Mummy approved!
  • Fang-tastic!
  • Boo to you from our crew.
  • Time for a coffin break.
  • Witch Parking, all others will be toad.
  • Zombies are roaming the street, so you better be fast on your feet not to miss this deal!
  • Ghostly Greetings
  • Ghosts have real spirit
  • Come in for a spell.
  • Spooktacular booquets sold here.
  • Spooktacular Savings!
    As Halloween looms closer, there’s no better time to securing your advertising tools. If you need any special requests for your seasonal signs, let us know at 1-800-321-1850.