Reaping the Long Lasting Benefits of Signage

Do you reap the long-lasting benefits from signage?

How much can we really gain from this investment into company signage? This is a question many business owners and marketing teams have asked themselves. Now more than ever, being careful about the ways you invest your money is the first step to business success. If you’ve invested in business signs, let’s take a look at the long-lasting benefits of signage so you know what to expect.

A Low-Maintenance ROI

The investment you’ve put into this sign is one that is going to pay you a return many times over, simply by existing. How can that be something you’re against? By having on premise signage, you are constantly attracting new customers who (if not for the signage) wouldn’t have known about your business. Without physical signage how would potential local customers discover you? They wouldn’t, and that is a loss of potential revenue. Your signage is constantly helping to create buzz with each new person that sees it especially if visible in high traffic areas where it allows customers new and old to find you. Your signage is a constant reminder of who you are, what it is you provide for the community and where they can find you. You’ve become a trusted brand because they know where to find you.

The Facts

In a recent survey was conducted of first time customers within the ages of thirty to forty-five. The study began a few days after a new sign was installed on a local business. After the “trial period,” test subjects were asked “How did you learn about us.” 46% said from the on premise sign. Another 38% said word of mouth. Where would you be without your new sign? How do you expect these new customers to find you? When you put signage on your building, it becomes part of the architectural identity of the area, a landmark that is easily recognizable and will draw people to your business. If you think back to your childhood, you can probably picture your local downtown street and still picture the signs of the local businesses.  Your signage will be a memorable piece of the local nostalgia and will also be the lasting impression of your brand. As long as your signage is up and clearly visible, it will provide as lasting impression to everyone who sees it. That impression is going to inform the consumers of your business.

A Calling Card for Return Customers

  Signage will be a beacon for your return customers, calling them back when they are ready and in need of your services once again. Without your signage, would they be able to find you again? Would a first time customer become a return customer if they had to Google your location, instead of driving to its general area and zeroing in on the building once they got there? With proper signage, your company can see an increase in sales, return customers, and be able to reduce unnecessary spending on expensive ads like TV and radio commercial. If you’re upgrading your company’s business plan, be sure to include better, more visible signage in your marketing budget.