Protecting Your Car Top Sign from Thieves

As the owner of a car top sign, it’s only natural to want to protect your investment. While many business owners know that protecting their signs from wear and tear is a top priority, a surprising few have considered defending their vehicle top sign from thieves. This year alone, Delaware police officers have been notified of several business robberies, in which several car top signs were stolen directly from the roofs of company vehicles parked on the street. Ten signs were stolen between February 8 and February 26, leaving business owners baffled and frustrated at the loss of their investment. The total cost of the signs that were stolen is estimated to be roughly $1,750. The person(s) responsible for these thefts have not been found, leaving the owners of the signs forced to replace the signage as soon as possible. Unfortunately, police officers cannot find the reason why these car top signs are being stolen, although some say it is because of teenagers playing pranks on the business owners, while others believe it is another overly-competitive business trying to sabotage them. Although protecting their car signs may be too late for the victims of these robberies, business owners in other areas of the country can use this new story as a warning to protect their signage. Cords, magnets, and other forms of secure attachment can be used to safely secure a car top sign atop of your vehicle. Aside from keeping your company vehicles in a secured garage, one of the best ways to avoid sign thievery is investing in a special car sign lock. To prevent unfortunate crime sprees like the one that took place in Delaware this February, HTH Inc. has, and will continue, to manufacture an easy to install yet extremely effective sign lock that prevents pranksters and thieves from snatching your sign. The 1/16-inch jacketed aircraft cable has insulation made of vinyl with a whopping minimum break strength of 480 pounds; despite the strength of the aircraft cable, the total weight of the lock is only twenty-five pounds. Thankfully, the sign lock is extremely easy to use- just install the lock onto the sign, and close your car door when the sign isn’t in use. At a price of only $9.75, the sign lock is extremely affordable, especially when compared to the cost of replacing a stolen sign lock. If your business is unable to purchase a sin lock immediately, there are other measures that can be taken to help prevent car sign theft. While you budget for your new sign lock, take extra safety precautions such as keeping your company car in an area where security cameras are present. If possible, keeping your company vehicles in a secured garage is also recommended.