Planning for Fall: Trends to Lookout For

As summer comes to a close, businesses need to be on the lookout for fall trends.

Soon, college students will be returning to their dorms and younger children will be preparing their backpacks for their first day back in the classroom. Every year, the back-to-school rush generates a surge of sales dollars for stores around the country. New clothes, school supplies, and other must-have items cloud the thoughts of busy parents as they scramble frantically to find the best value for their hard-earned dollars. These fall trends happen like clockwork, and are the perfect opportunity to drive sales, particularly for small businesses. As the transition from summer to fall begins, it’s imperative to start creating awareness for your business with on-site signs. Ideas for Success There are hundreds of ways to use signs to attract attention to your store. Here’s just a few:

• Hang a Banner:

Installing a large banner at the front of your location, or near a local school is a great way to draw attention to your offer, but don’t forget to ask for permission if you’re using someone else’s property. Consider advertising a “value-added” proposition that will ease some of the stress from this time of year (for example, customers earn a $5 credit if they show their valid school ID). Advertise this on your sidewalk sign or inside your store to draw customers in.

• Football Season-

Who doesn’t want to root for the winning team? It would be great to display your favorite team with a colored banner, but be very careful. People can get very serious about their team choices, and supporting a rival team may just be the only reason you lose a sale. Keep the football themed advertising limited to celebrating the sport in general and its ability to bring people together. Avoid (at all costs) rooting for a specific team, unless the majority of your business comes from that school or organization. If you are receiving football themed merchandise soon, advertise that more and more as season approaches. Offer deals for sports fans, and advertise them outside your business and around your town.

• Holidays-

Autumn is one of the most food-oriented seasons. Soon, everything will revolve around Thanksgiving, delicious food, and the idea of coming together to enjoy family company. Holidays will come with parties, festivals, and events that are perfect opportunities for advertising. Create holiday specific signage and hang them up in high traffic areas.

• Black Friday-

A competitive holiday, it’s important to use clear and simple calls to action on your Black Friday signs. Avoid any complicated deals that may cause confusion with patrons, and advertise the sales transparently (avoid adding phrases like “restrictions apply” or “see store for details” to your signs).

• Weather Changes-

As the leaves change color and the air turns colder, people will begin to change their habits. Ice cold lemonade will be passed up for a cup of hot cider, and tank tops will be replaced by sweaters and scarves. This change is the perfect opportunity to change up your business. Change the layout of your store to something more efficient if that’s an option. Hold a photography competition (whoever takes the best photo with our sign that encompasses Fall will get a free small item or gift card) to encourage interaction on social media and get people talking about your business. Is your sales & marketing team ready for the upcoming fall trends? If not, start preparing now by getting the signage you need to make your season a success.