Mesh vs. Vinyl Banners: What’s the Difference?

Picking the types of advertising methods are best for your business can be difficult. While some businesses find they benefit most from contemporary marketing methods such as internet advertising, businesses both large and small still depend on signage to carry their brand throughout the community. Although determining what kind of signage is best suited for your advertising campaign may seem easy, many business owners struggle with the decision of using vinyl or mesh banner material. If you’ve found yourself wondering what the difference is between these two popular banner styles, and which is best suited for your marketing strategy, take a look at the information below.

The Similarities
If you’ve done any research thus far on the benefits of banner advertising, you have likely reached the decision that using vinyl and mesh banners can be a great way to get started. Businesses both large and small rely on vinyl and mesh banners for a number of reasons. Because they are equally cost effective, require a single (one-time) production investment, and can be used in or outdoors, both banner types are economical and effective. Additionally, both vinyl and mesh banners can be suspended from a variety of different surfaces, and can be customized in both size and print color to best suit your business’s marketing campaign.

The Differences:

Mesh Banners: Although both mesh and vinyl banners share the same inherent concept, the texture and material of mesh banners is better suited for high-wind conditions. Because vinyl banners are a single piece of solid material, they tend to parachute with the wind; subsequently, it can be very difficult to read vinyl banners on a windy day. On the other hand, the hundreds of holes in mesh fabric will allow wind to travel through the material, allowing passing traffic to read the ad even during windy weather. Unfortunately, some businesses are mistakenly hesitant to use mesh banners because they fear their logo or text will not appear as bold as they would on vinyl. However, when the appropriate color contrast is used, mesh banners can be just as vibrant and easy to read as vinyl.

Vinyl Banners: Vinyl banners are made of a solid laminate material. As such, they are perfect for hanging in areas that will cause receive lots of wear and tear or passing traffic. Because they are extremely durable, vinyl banners are perfect for hanging against brick walls or high traffic areas such as trade shows. Vinyl can also make a great long-term advertising investment for businesses interested in marketing recurring annual sales or other frequent public events.

Whichever banner type is best suited for your business’s marketing campaign, be sure to include sharp contrasting colors for the graphics and text; also, consider testing your font size to ensure it is large enough to read from the desired distance. If you are unsure what colors or text size would be best for your banner, don’t hesitate to discuss your options with your manufacturer.