Making the Choice Between a Custom Mesh or Vinyl Banner

Whether you are a small business planning to be an exhibitor at a tradeshow or a large company opening a new store, there is a lot of stress to make sure everything goes right.

The tiniest details have to be taken into consideration to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. A good portion of that effort goes into planning things like travel and set up leaving equally important concerns such as design by the way side. Losing focus on the little things can trip up a business or company of any size. Out all the little details that are forgotten the choice between a mesh or vinyl banner is among the most common.

The average person never stops to even consider the difference between mesh and vinyl assuming their essentially the same thing. Depending on the setting the banner is going to be set up in and the importance of its looks to customers there are major differences between the two. Easily the biggest concern when choosing between mesh and vinyl is where the banner will be set up, for how long, and what it will be set up against. Each material has its own set of pro's and con's that are affected by these factors. The reason for that is in the major difference between mesh and vinyl; mesh is filled with small holes that allow air to pass through it easily where as vinyl is usually one solid piece. If a banner is going to be outside then it will probably be subjected to a great deal of wind during the time it's up. A mesh banner with its thousands of small holes won't have much trouble while vinyl will essentially become a giant sail.

When set up inside on the other hand, a vinyl banner will generally show better than one made of mesh because it's a single solid piece. The only times being setup outdoors won't be a factor for a banner is when its set up against something solid wind can't pass through (like a billboard), it's in an area protected from wind, won't be outside for long, or it's a vinyl banner with wind slits cut into it. In any other situation its best to opt for mesh since a vinyl banner with wind slits cut into it are generally less appealing to customers. Similar rules apply when a banner is going to be set up indoors, mesh is often the wrong choice for an indoor venue. The small holes that give it an edge outside will make a mesh banner look out of place indoors where those holes will be more noticeable.

Mesh is often somewhat see through which will work against you in an indoor setting where it could more easily blend in with the surroundings. Indoors vinyl reigns supreme because of its solid one piece design that helps them to stand out better. So make sure to take all of this into consideration when planning the next event where you'll be using a banner!