Is your Signage Ready for 2016?

As the winter holidays rapidly approach, most business owners are already thinking of their marketing (and budgeting) plans for the New Year. For companies who rely on any type of car signage, banner signage, or sidewalk signs, the beginning of a new year is an incredibly strategic time to perform a little maintenance. Taking some extra time at the beginning of the New Year to make sure all of your existing marketing material is in working order is the best way to save time and money in the long-run. Let’s take a look at some advertising ideas that will keep your marketing material fresh and exciting without causing you a fortune.
Update Sign Decals
Car signs are constantly being exposed to sun and harsh weather conditions. Updating your car sign decal is an affordable maintenance technique that keeps signs competitive. Take a look at our nine replacement decals, which can be designed entirely from scratch or stamped with your company logo. Once purchased, you can find installation instructions here.
Check Outdoor Vinyl Banners for Tears and Frays
Over time, even the most resilient outdoor vinyl banners will fade, tear, or fray at the seams. Before it comes time for 2016, businesses should consider checking their vinyl and mesh banners for damage. Of course, minor tears can be left alone or repaired with a small kit; but businesses that do decide to allow damage to go unrepaired should keep in mind that minor rips and tears have the likely potential to double or triple in size without proper care. Vinyl banners already sporting noticeable tears should be replaced. If your retail store is ready to update your hanging signage, take a look at our mesh and vinyl banner options.
Replace Outdated Window Signs
Window graphics are a great way for businesses for attract the attention of vehicle and foot traffic as it passes their storefront. Often, businesses use window graphics to broadcast a particular service or advertise incredible pricing. Over the course of the year (or years), the information and images used on your window graphics may become invalid, obsolete, or worn out from UV exposure. If your business has one or more window graphics that are ready for retirement, take a look at these four affordably priced window decals from HTH Inc.
Check Hardware for Car Top Signs
The hardware on your car top signs is integral to their functionality. Taking the time at the beginning of each year to check the light bulbs, magnets, and metal hardware on your sign is a great low-cost way to keep your car top sign working well through 2016. If you find that new bulbs, magnets, or hardware is needed during your inspection, you can find replacement parts for car signs here.
The value of maintaining the marketing material you’ve already invested in is enormous. As you can see, each of these ideas are affordable and straight forward for any business to accomplish. Before expanding your business’s marketing horizons this 2016, make sure your existing advertising material is in tip-top shape.