Installing and Maintaining Signage with the HTH Inc. Resource Center

Does your company have questions regarding the installation or maintenance of an HTH Inc. sign? To help businesses quickly install and replace signage, we offer a full resource center that offers detailed instructions regarding the different types of signage offered on our site. This recourse center can be found by first visiting the HTH Inc. webpage; then, in the top navigation bar, you will see a tab titled “Resource Center” in the top column. Clicking on this tab will take you to a total of twenty-seven instructional PDFs, as well as fifteen instructional videos. Today, we will discuss how the HTH Inc. online resource center can alleviate the confusion of purchasing and replacing signage.

Installing New Gear
If you have recently purchased a product from HTH Inc. and are having trouble determining how to install it, simply visit the HTH Inc. recourse center to view detailed installation instructions for your new product. The instructional PDFs located in the recourse center will guide you through each step of the installation procedure, allowing you to get your new sign installed quickly and efficiently. The instructions for each piece of gear are simple, and correlate with simple pictures to provide a simple step-by-step walk through. Furthermore, each set of instructions will clearly state what types of tools will be needed, which is clearly listed at the top of each page.

Maintaining Existing Gear
Time is money when running a small business; at HTH Inc. we believe your time will be better spent running your company, not investing hours of your time maintaining company signage. Located in the recourse center are easy, do-it-yourself instructions that makes it easy to keep your company’s advertising gear looking perfect. Whether you need to change out a LED bulb in your car top sign, replace a pig tail cord, or change a decal, you will be able to find detailed instructions to each process on the Resource Center page.

Further Assistance
If you have searched through all of the instructional PDFs and videos and still have a question that was not discussed, don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance. At the bottom of the Resource Center page, you will see a large red button labeled “Let’s Talk.” To get more help, simply click that button; a screen will then appear to welcome you into a live chat with one of our representatives. Once you enter your name and email address you will be able to speak to our customer service agent for further assistance.

At HTH Inc., we understand that losing time is just as crippling as losing money. That’s why the instructional PDFS and videos listed in our resource center are easy to find, detailed, and easy to follow. We hope the HTH Inc. resource center helps you and your team install or replace signage as quickly as possible, so that you can move on to the things that matter most.