Picking the Right Banner Size

So, you’ve decided to use a banner for your next advertising campaign.

Banners are an effective way to drive traffic and increase brand awareness, but how do you pick the dimensions that will be most effective? Use the comprehensive guide below to select the perfect banner size for your newest business asset.

Decide on a Budget

It may be tempting to try printing banners from cheap material, but they will degrade and tear easier than the quality material used by professionals. Initially the price is lower, but you will have to replace them often. Ideally, your budget will allow you to pick the banner size that will best fit your advertising space. If you find yourselves on a tight budget, however, consider using a small banner to offer detailed information to potential customers nearby, rather than utilizing a large banner to grab attention from afar.

Start with Measurements

This may seem a bit counterintuitive, but do not start designing your banner before taking dimensions. You’ll need to do more than just guess at the average size of the space you need to fill – with a measuring tape, find the length and width of the area you intend to place your sign. Make sure that your banner will not obscure other signage or cause problems with foot traffic. Once you find the perfect place and size of your new banner, write your dimensions down those measurements so you have them on hand when ordering.

Pick your Asset

Once you know how much room you will need, consider the type of banner that would work best for your space. Outdoor areas prone to high winds or rain may need a mesh banner, whereas indoor spaces and vendor booths can use a vinyl or mesh banner comfortably. Be warned that ultra-glossy banners may attract more attention initially, but they cause glare in bright lighting and can be difficult to read from a distance as a result; for events where guests will be eyeing your sign from a long distance, consider a matte banner. Thankfully, vinyl and mesh banners come in a number of different sizes.


The design of your banner will affect its size. Images and letters that need to be recognizable from several yards away should be much larger than letters and images on a banner that will be read from only a couple feet away. Images should be crisp and clear without overpowering the company or product information written on the rest of the banner. Make sure your business name and logo are easily seen and read from a far distance. Picking out a new sign asset for your company is an exciting experience when you’re well prepared. Be sure to consider the measurements of your advertising space, budget, and design needs when you set out to place your order. With these helpful tips, you’ll be able to choose the perfect size for your banner. If you have any questions about the best banner size for your next event or ad campaign, contact us today.