How Will Car Top Signs Affect My Vehicle’s Appearance and Value?

Car top signs are an excellent method of advertising for small and medium businesses alike. In fact, an active car sign campaign has the potential to produce more impressions than vehicle decals when a tactical marketing approach is taken. Their popularity among service, delivery, and taxi companies can be attributed to the fact that they are boldly visible during night hours, assist company branding efforts, and build consumer trust. If your business is considering investing in car signs, but needs more insight regarding the effect they will have on the company image as a whole, take a look at the information below.

Protected Edges and Coated Magnets
It’s understandable; business owners to want to engage in vehicle advertising without damaging the paint. Because car signs are built to rest directly on top of vehicles, it’s important to know that your advertising technique won’t be costing you a new paint job in the future. The two areas on a car sign that could potentially cause harm to a vehicle’s paint are the signs edges and attachment magnets, which are placed between the vehicle and the sign’s bottom. While some poorly produced car top signs have sharp corners that may damage paint, a high quality car top sign will feature protected edges and soft-coated magnets.

Rust Prevention
Another common concern business owners have when purchasing car top signs for a business is rust. Most metals rust from over-exposure; consequentially, rust transfer from one metallic surface to another can cause premature deterioration of the metallic surface. To prevent rust from occurring in the first place, purchasing a car sign made from rust-free material such as plastic is essential for maintaining the appearance of both your vehicle and signage.

Lightweight Installation & Removal
While some businesses designate a single vehicle to sport their brand-friendly car sign, others may prefer to rotate a single sign between various company vehicles. To avoid difficult or time consuming installation, finding a lightweight car sign is the first step for ensuring a stress-free installation process.

Branding and Reputation Management

Consumers prefer to shop with businesses that have established themselves as credible and trustworthy. One of the primary reasons investing in car signs for company vehicles is worthwhile is simply because it communicates to your clients and potential customers that the business is established and subsequently integral. Essentially, company (and personal) vehicles that have been branded using signs, decals, and magnets, suggest a more communicative and invested business; this is not only valuable to customers, but also employees, investors, and partners as well.

In summary, car signs are an impact-free method of vehicle advertising that can be simultaneously used to build brand credibility. Keep in mind both the quality of your car top sign and the marketing strategy behind it are equally important for campaign success.