How to Use Chalkboard Signs to Increase Business Traffic

We already know signage is an economical way to increase foot traffic and drive sales. Depending on your business model, however, certain types of signage may prove more successful than others. For local businesses that are exposed to high volumes of foot traffic, using a chalkboard sign inside or outside your storefront may be the best advertising move you’ve considered.

Commonly used by small and medium businesses, chalkboard signs are one of the earliest methods of sign advertising, and are still a popular marketing tactic today! Although there are many reasons businesses prefer to use chalkboard signs over standard window signs or decals, the fact that they are easily placed in or outside your storefront makes them an affordable way to promote services to both passing traffic and established customers. What’s more, chalkboard sign designs are easily customized and can be re-designed as many times as needed. Because of this, they are also one of the most cost effective sign designs for year-round advertising.

Thanks to their ability to be erased and redesigned as many times as needed, chalkboard signs give businesses the freedom and versatility to adjust their advertising approach in minutes. The ability to customize chalkboard signs gives companies the opportunity to offer quick promotions (such as one-day deals, limited time offers, and unique specials) to increase company awareness and drive sales. This unique ability to economically change storefront advertising in moments removes the need to purchase additional signage each time a new discount or service is offered. Put simply, chalkboard signs give businesses the freedom to rotate their specials, featured products, and discounts according to seasonal or internal changes. Show your company’s personality. People are always more willing to purchase from someone they can relate to. Considering jokes and humor have been proven to increase sales, many businesses choose to use their chalkboard sign to display a relatable personality to their target demographic.

Catchy text, industry-related jokes, and humorous marketing catchphrases are only a few ways small and medium businesses use chalkboard signs to connect and market to their target demographic. Although chalkboard signs work best when small amounts of texts are incorporated into the design, some businesses do their best advertising strictly through incorporating vibrant artwork into their chalkboard sign. Businesses that successfully incorporate artwork onto their chalkboard signs use drawings that are easy to interpret and resonate with their target demographic. Bold colors and recognizable images are the ultimate key for creating eye-catching chalkboard artwork.